How to Declutter in Only 5 Minutes a Day

by Simplify

It’s Declutter Week on the Frugal Fit Mom channel, and she’s out to prove that decluttering doesn’t have to be overwhelming and exhausting. The trick is to forgo doing it all once and break it down into small bits of time daily.

Can she get the entire basement corridor area decluttered by only committing to five minutes a day?

Day one meant tackling the shelving units that had accumulated so many random items. It seems to be a rule that flat spaces will attract clutter. Some of this clutter had been sitting there for months or years, untouched.

A lot of it was the stuff that you tend to throw in the basement. Stuff that you don’t know what to do with, like stacks of old camera films from decades ago, random metal pieces that probably belonged to some piece of furniture years ago, and the box of quilting supplies that hasn’t been touched for ages. It’s time to let go of it all.

Day two meant more shelf decluttering. Letting go of things like quilting supplies, a hobby that you may have loved at one point in your life, can be challenging. It means letting go of a part of yourself. Saying that you aren’t a quilter, at least not at this stage of life.

On day three, the Frugal Fit Mom tackled the Amazon and Stitch Fix returns that had been waiting to be packaged and dropped off for ages.

Decluttering clothes

When clearing the shelf on day four, she noticed all the accumulated dust that had built up around the clutter. That would need to be taken care of once the shelving unit was emptied.

Day five was “all hands on deck” day. Her husband needed to pitch in to help move around some shelving units, the treadmill, and the large TV that till then had been sitting on the floor. They put the shelving unit right up against the wall in front of the treadmill and placed the TV on top. Now, it’s ready for workouts.

Day six meant dusting everything down with the help of the kids.

On day seven there were only a few small, but totally random things left. A huge down comforter that was in great condition, but unused, went to her sister. An old freezer basket from an old freezer went to the donation box, and most other things ended up in the trash.

Decluttering in 5 minutes a day

Five minutes a day made a massive difference. Decluttering doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Do you prefer to declutter piecemeal or all at once? Leave a comment and let us know.

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