Decluttering Tasks by Season to Keep Your Home Mess-free

Organizing your home to keep it clutter-free doesn’t have to happen only during life changes like a move, divorce, or a new bundle of joy. The decluttering tasks can also be completed a little at a time. Seasonal decluttering tasks can be broken down into Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. But why should you declutter seasonally? Below are the benefits of why you should declutter seasonally.

The Benefits of Doing Seasonal Decluttering Tasks

The obvious benefit is the clutter will stay under control because you will be revisiting these areas more frequently throughout the year.

It will result in peace in the home. Studies have shown that clutter can create anxiousness and stress in people who live in the home. Reducing the clutter, the more likely you will be at peace in your home.

It will help you clear the cobwebs in the unvisited areas. This allows you to clean areas you do not normally clean every few months.

Doing seasonal decluttering will allow you to work your way around each room in a shorter amount of time.

You have 3 months to go through the spaces for that season. If you only have three tasks to review that season, you can do them once a month, resulting in giving you time to review and really decide on what you want to keep.

Focus on and deep clean each room; not just surface declutter cleaning. You can open drawers, take everything out, and clear the shelves.

Tips for decluttering seasonally in your home

Are you ready to try Seasonal Decluttering? Let’s talk about some tips before you start.

Make decluttering a regular Saturday morning routine. Picking one room for that season and going to town and getting rid of the clutter.

Have the entire family take part. Reminding them to do their part is not nagging. Helpful hands make short work of the project.

By decluttering seasonally, you will know exactly what is in your home— and, there will be less time to forget your belongings.

Does it make you want to try this way to declutter your home? If so, read on to get more specifics on the process.

Use All Four Seasons to Declutter Your Home

The below specific decluttering tasks are listed in the different seasons depending on when it is optimal to do the task. Feel free to click on each section's links to get even more tips and help with the decluttering tasks. Note: these are just examples; you can add more projects to your customized decluttering tasks than the one I mentioned below.

Winter Decluttering Tasks

Attic bins because it will not be hot in the attic during the winter months.

Basement areas because it will be cold outside and you can visit it without wearing a coat.

Spring and summer clothing - Going through these items when you are not using them gives you a fresh look at your clothing.

Food on pantry shelves - we tend to stock up around the holidays, so this time of year would be great for pantry decluttering.

Home Office closet - you may have stuff you do not look at in your office at the beginning of the year. It's helpful to revisit these before the tax year begins.

Paper decluttering in the home office - it is a great time to get your tax papers together, so why not declutter other papers as well.

Spring Declutter Tasks

Now that the weather is getting warmer and we can focus on the outside and other home areas.

Springtime is great for cleaning out areas that haven’t been looked at all winter. And also helping you get ready for the warm summer months.

Spring Decluttering Tasks

Shed and grill cleaning and decluttering tools

Bathroom and linen closet decluttering

Living room and family areas

Clear out car and trunk before vacation.

Decluttering your devices before the new ones come out.

Get rid of old and torn sheets and blankets.

Summer Declutter Tasks

Now, onto the summer tasks. Summer decluttering tasks are perfect for doing on days when it is a little hot outside and you want to stay in the cool air.

Summer Decluttering Tasks

Garage tools and supplies

Toys in the various parts of the house and the playroom

Going through winter coats in your closets is great to do this time of year.

Saved School Papers from the kid’s school year.

Decluttering your planting supplies.

Entryway mudroom areas and laundry room areas.

Review and purge unused, unwanted makeup.

Go through the boots and winter shoes you haven't worn.

Feel free to read our 5 Areas to Organize when it is hot outside.

Autumn Declutter Tasks

It's getting cooler again and now it is time to get the home ready for the holidays.

Autumn Decluttering Tasks

The autumn decluttering tasks will help you get rid of things before the company comes over and you receive new gifts.

Kitchen Cabinets

Dining Room Cabinets

Outdoor Winterizing of the home

Beach and summer pool supplies

Declutter spices and herbs cabinets

Party Supplies you use around the holidays

While going through these decluttering tasks by season, keep in mind this rule of thumb; if you haven’t used it the last season, it is clutter. I hope this decluttering task post gives you direction on how to declutter your home's different areas.

Please leave a comment below on how often you declutter and has it been working for you? I would love to hear your thoughts about this different way of decluttering.

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