Minimalist Home Organization Tips For Your Entryway & Launchpad

I’m going to share with you my monthly reset routine when it comes to home organizing. I love the concept of minimalism which helps me to live simply and frugally.

Here, I’ll show you how I clean up and organize the space by my front door that needs tidying and refreshing. I hope you’ll be inspired by my minimalist entryway and launch pad home organization tips.

Launchpad home organization ideas

My launchpad

Right by my door is a place where things like bags, workout gear, and papers to file, which just seem to gather. I’m going to do a quick refresh. I’m also going to go through my purse and clean it all out and put things away. 

Entryway and launchpad before


My launch pad helps keep me organized. Being organized with systems and checklists is really key for me. But you can see it needed a good cleanup in this “before” shot. 

Entryway and launchpad after


Here’s the result of my reset. I’ll go through the parts of my launchpad with you in these “after” shots.

Home organizing

Bag and mats

I always have a bag that has things in it like a backpack and an on-the-go bag. I have my yoga mat and exercise mat right here because I’ll take those to the gym.

Library book pile

Books and basket

I just switched my shelves around and now I have some books here from my library haul. I always do a lot of reading in my living room so this reminds me of what to read or what I need to bring back to the library.

This wire basket next to the books is reserved for returns, like library books, items I need to give back to people, or things I need to return to the store. 

How to organize an entryway

Bottom shelf bin 1

Under that, I have a bag filled with little miscellaneous bags like library bags, hiking, or backpacking backpacks, a mini purse, and a hat.

How to organize a launchpad

Bottom shelf bin 2

I have a lot of birthdays and other celebrations and I always need these little bags and bits of wrapping paper. I’m keeping these in my launchpad because I always buy them and forget that I have them so this reminds me I have them. These bins/bags are from the Dollar Store – they are very clean and simple. 

Simple home organization tips

Basket 1

Up top, I have some freshly picked flowers that I got on a nature walk. I have a tiny basket with workout gear such as bands and small weights that I use when I exercise in my living room. 

Minimalist home organization tips

Basket 2

This is my basket with my planner, scissors, pens, miscellaneous stickies, and keys in the drawer of the basket. 

Mirror and keyholder

On the wall

Above the table, I have a mirror for when I’m on the go and a key holder.

Minimalist home organization tips for your landing & launch pad

Just create a user-friendly space by your door that works for your lifestyle. If you forget things all the time, this is the perfect home organizing solution. I try to create a bit of a pile of items that I know I’m going to need on my way out the door.

If you can relate to my need for home organization, let me know in the comments below. Please share with me the tips you use to stay organized at home, especially around your entryway. 

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