How to Declutter Your Home in 7 Days

Sophie | Malama Life
by Sophie | Malama Life

Do you want to learn how to declutter your home in seven days?

I have committed to decluttering my home instead of going out shopping or looking for the best deals and sales.

Decluttering brings me so much more joy and satisfaction in seeing my space transform into a tidy and organized space.

It can feel overwhelming to go through everything at once when decluttering your home. I thought it would be more manageable to tackle each area of our home over a seven-day minimalism challenge.

Holding flower vase
Opening essential oil

Day 1: Living room

Let’s get rid of decor clutter, such as lamps, candles, wall decor, and throw pillows that are not practical and serve no purpose in the space. I’ve been asking myself how much time do I really want to spend dusting these items.



Books are sentimental to me. However, I rarely find myself reaching for the same book I’ve already read, so I thought it was time to let some go.

You can always try to sell some of your books on websites like Bookscouter or Amazon, but first see if you can donate them to your local library or if you have a little library for neighborhood book exchanges.



I let go of blurry or random photos. If you don’t want to keep physical albums, scan and digitize old photos. Take your time to enjoy the photos and relive the memories as you sort through them.

CDs, DVDs, vinyls

If you have anything you never listen to or watch, let them go.

Moving chair


Get rid of furniture by posting it on neighborhood groups or apps like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. People are willing to pick them up as long as they’re in decent shape.

Opening curtains

Day 2: Bedroom

The biggest challenge for me is my bedroom closet. After months of decluttering and not buying any new items, I still find items that I want to get rid of.

I will look at each item and think about how many times I’ve worn this in the past six months. Do I often find this item in the laundry bin? Does the item fit my current lifestyle or climate? Does it physically still fit my body? Do I even like it anymore? These questions narrow down what I feel the best in.

Decluttering closet


I go through the same process with shoes and accessories. I let go of unworn belts, unmatched socks, rusted jewelry, and worn-out shoes.


Skincare and makeup

It’s time to let go of empty bottles, expired makeup, and products you don’t like.

I keep in mind that how much I paid for a certain item should not be a deciding factor when I decide to keep it or throw it away.

If something doesn’t add value to my life, I shouldn’t hesitate to let it go.

Handbag items

Purses and wallets

Our purses and wallets can get heavy and cluttered. I dump everything out and put back what is truly necessary.

Trinket box
Trinket box

Sentimental items

We associate them with our loved ones, special places, and special phases in our lives. I’ve been able to reduce my sentimental items down to one box.

I used to feel very guilty for getting rid of gifts, childhood toys, and handwritten letters and cards.

But I didn’t find reasons to keep them. It helps to remember I’m getting rid of the items, not the memories. I’ll take a visual memory of it before tossing it, if necessary.

Cleaning kitchen

Day 3: Kitchen

The kitchen is a clutter magnet.

Decluttering kitchen

Pots and pans

I like to donate plates, cups, pots, and pans to the local homeless or women’s shelters or nursing homes.

Decluttering kitchen

Pantry and refrigerator

I decluttered old spices I never use, empty supplement bottles, old condiments, and expired food in the fridge and freezer. I wiped down the inside of the fridge with a little bit of vinegar and water solution.

Decluttering kitchen

The junk drawer

My goal is to eliminate the junk drawer so I am trying to find a home for every item in that drawer.

Cleaning mirror
Decluttering bathroom
Decluttering bathroom

Day 4: Bathroom

Toss empty shampoo bottles, samples, body lotions, soaps, expired medicines, and old razors and toothbrushes.

Determine how many sets of bed sheets and blankets you need. Call your local animal shelter to donate old towels and linens.

Paperwork file
Old tech

Day 5: Office

Old tech can be donated to a women’s shelter. I hold on to old chargers and wires simply because I think I’ll need them in the future. If I don’t know what they are or haven’t touched them in months, I’ll toss them.

Decluttering office

Paper clutter

I’ll organize notebooks, receipts, manuals, and warranties in an accordion folder. You can also scan these items with Adobe Scan to make PDFs.

Decluttering office

Old hobbies and art supplies

I used to make greeting cards and still have tons of materials left over. If you have materials from your old hobbies, call schools and other non-profits to see if you can donate them. Toss non-working pens and markers.

Using phone

Day 6: Digital clutter

I have so many photos and videos and duplicates on my phone and devices. My goal is to keep the best and delete the rest.

While you’re doing this, streamline your contacts. Unsubscribe from brands, companies, and publications you don’t need.

Using laptop
Using laptop


Don’t forget your desktop. Clutter slows it down. Create folders and remove unnecessary icons.

Sweeping outside area
Carrying plant pots

Day 7: Outside

This area includes my car and balcony. I’m getting rid of extra baskets and pots that have sat there for months.

How to declutter your home

What a great time to deep clean and organize your entire home. You’ll feel more comfortable in your house when you declutter your home.

Leave me a comment to let me know if you have decluttered your home or plan to take this seven-day minimalism challenge.

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  • Carol f engler Carol f engler on Feb 03, 2024
    I started last June. Felt the need to toss, give away, take to auction house or thrift stores. Had 2310 owl items. Duplicates went first, like not so much went next, then what can I live without and am now down to less than 1900. Clothes came next. One drawer at a time. who needs 15 pairs of jammies so by by down to four winter, three summer and two mismatched tops and bottoms. And pictures came next. Books after that. And on it went. Feel less stressed, less cluttered and better about it all.