10 Amazing Uses for Vodka Besides Making Cocktails

Diane Hoffmaster
by Diane Hoffmaster

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Have you ever bought a giant bottle of vodka for a party, only to be left with a whole lot of vodka that no one drank? If you have too much vodka and are looking for new ways to use it, you are in luck. That stuff is seriously versatile! There are dozens of uses for vodka other than drinking. If you plan on going out and buying vodka specifically for these life hacks, don't spend a lot of money. Cheap vodka will work just fine! Here are a ways to use it that will help you finish it up without a hangover!

Save Money With These Household Uses For Vodka

I have become a huge fan of finding new ways to use things I already have around my house. Why drag my butt to the store to buy something NEW when I could achieve the same result with something I already have at home? Not to mention the fact that using something I already have is significantly cheaper than heading to Target for something else. Mainly because I cannot walk into a Target without spending a small fortune. I feel the need to walk up and down every isle and then I get sidetracked by things I never knew I needed but now cannot live without!

So, as I search for new ways to use things I already have, I came across an article online about cool household uses for vodka. Who knew it was good for more than just margaritas and martinis, right? Then I started to do MORE research and realized that there are literally dozens of ways to use vodka that I have never even heard of before!

Uses for Vodka Besides Cocktails

I decided to put together a list of suggestions in case you happen to have a gallon size jug of it in the liquor cabinet like I do. Of course, you could check out my post on how to make homemade extracts or make flavored vodka at home and give it as a gift.

Treat Poison Ivy:

With summer finally here and more people heading outside you will undoubtedly come across some poison ivy. Soak a cotton ball in vodka and gently rub on the rash. It will dry it up and help it go away faster.

Freshen Laundry:

You can use vodka for cleaning clothes. If your clothes are smelling musty, hang them in a well ventilated area and spritz with vodka to help them smell fresher. If you want to add a nice aroma, add some fresh herbs or rose petals to the vodka and let sit a week or so. Then spritz. Make sure you spot test a hidden area first to make sure it doesn't stain! You can also use this as a linen spray.

Help your flowers last longer:

Add a few drops of vodka to your flower vase and fill with water. Add flowers. It will help your flowers last longer.

Shine chrome, glass and porcelain fixtures:

Just pour some vodka on a clean cloth and rub firmly to help bring out the shine.

Kill shower mold:

Can vodka be used for cleaning? YES! There are so many cleaning uses for vodka! Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray it in your shower. Due to its alcohol content, it will clean and sterilize many items. Use vodka for cleaning mold that seems to resist all attempts at cleaning.

DIY Vodka Spray Cleaner

  • 4 ounces water.
  • 4 ounces vodka.
  • 12 to 24 drops of essential oil.

Combine water, vodka and essential oil in a glass spray bottle. Shake gently and spray on hard surface. Wipe off with sponge or cloth.

Prolong the life of your razor with vodka!

Fill a cup with vodka and let your razor blade soak in the vodka after shaving. It disinfects the blade and prevents rusting.

More Shaving Tips

Remove a stuck on band-aid

Soak the bandage in vodka and it will dissolve the adhesive so you can take it off painlessly. This is one of the uses of vodka that even your kids will appreciate!

Use Cheap Vodka for a Lavender Tincture

Place a cup of lavender flowers in a mason jar and top off with vodka. Let sit for several days. Strain off the liquid into a clean container and you have a lavender tincture. Check out Chestnut Herbs for directions and usages.

Make your own cinnamon mouthwash with vodka

Fill a mason jar with vodka and add ½ cup of powdered cinnamon. Let sit for 2 to three weeks. Pour through a coffee filter to strain it. Add water to dilute to desired strength. Swish and spit to freshen your mouth. Do not swallow! For a better price buy cinnamon on Amazon. Check out my homemade antiseptic mouthwash if you don't care for the taste of cinnamon.

Use Vodka to Remove Label Residue From Jars

Soak a cotton ball in vodka and rub over the sticky residue left behind when you remove a label from your jar. You may need to let it sit or repeat to remove all the glue.

Do you have any other uses for vodka that I have missed?

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Diane Hoffmaster
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