20 Ways to Reuse Cereal Boxes and Save Money

Some of the best home organizing accessories are DIY ones. Today, I want to share 20 ways to use simple cereal boxes to organize your home.

Before you begin your project, whatever it will be, take a lightly dampened cloth and wipe out the inside of the box to make sure there is no cereal residue. To store them conveniently, open the bottom flap of the box to make it completely flat.

These ideas are so cute and affordable - let’s get started!

Cereal box upcycle idea

1. Magnetic refrigerator caddy

Cut a cereal box about four inches from the bottom, then cut and score another piece to serve as a divider. Cover all the pieces with adhesive vinyl.

Glue on some magnets to the back, and add a sticky pad and a hook to hold some rubber bands.

Now you have your labels, my coupons, favorite recipes, tape and binder clips right at your fingertips.

Cereal box upcycle idea

2. Zip-top bag organizer

Get a box deep and wide enough to fit the boxes that the bags come in. Cut rectangular holes starting about an inch from the bottom fold that match the height and the width of the zip top bag boxes. Cut some adhesive chalkboard paper and label each hole.

Cereal box upcycle idea

3. Drawer dividers

Cut the bottom, the side, or top portions of a few cereal boxes to fit the height of your drawers, cover with paper and use to organize your kitchen tools and utensils.

Cereal box upcycle idea
Cereal box upcycle idea

4. Coasters + coaster holder

Cover one side of a cereal box with adhesive vinyl, then cut out four circles. Then, cut a rectangle, fold it up to hold the coasters, and put some adhesive Velcro on the back for accessibility.

5. Movie night caddy

Cut some holes of your desired shape and size, and then cover the box with contact paper. Use it to carry your snacks and drinks and get comfy.

Cereal box upcycle idea

6. File & paper holder

Glue three same size cereal boxes together, and cover with contact paper. Stand it upright to hold your file folders or turn it on its side to hold documents, printer paper, or craft paper.

Cereal box upcycle idea

7. Magazine/notebook holder

Cut diagonally from the top corner on one side of the box to about halfway down the other side of the cereal box and cover it with contact paper to store your notebooks, journals and magazines.

Cereal box upcycle idea

8. Desk organizer

Take two boxes, cut off one third of the first box for the smaller front section, and use the other two -thirds for the middle section. The third box will be the taller back section.

Cover each piece with contact paper and use it to store pens, pencils, stapler, rulers and other desk accessories.

Cereal box upcycle idea

9. Notebook

Cut a rectangle of your desired size, add some folded printer paper, punch 2-3 holes on the folded edge of the paper and the cover, and use ribbon or yarn to hold it together. For a small notebook, you can also staple everything together in the center.

Cereal box upcycle idea

10. Folder

Open up a large cereal box and put some duct tape over the crease to make it lay flat. Cover with adhesive paper, glue in a couple pieces of decorative cardstock and use fasteners to hold everything together.

Cereal box upcycle idea

11. Photo envelopes

The larger boxes also come in handy as photo envelopes and they are sturdy enough to protect your large professional photos from getting bent or damaged.

Cereal box upcycle idea

12. Bookmark

Cover a leftover piece of a cereal box with adhesive vinyl, and for décor use a hole puncher and a small piece of a scrap ribbon to accent the top and make it more visible inside a book. Feel free to add a design of your liking.

Cereal box upcycle idea

13. Magnetic bookmark

For a magnetic version, cut a simple rectangle shape with a point or a star on each end. Glue a small magnet to the underside of both ends and you have a bookmark that helps you remember where you were on the page.

Cereal box upcycle idea

14. Cell phone charging station

Cut a few notches and some rectangular holes in the bottom portion of a cereal box, cover it with contact paper and add some command strips for damage -free wall mounting. Place it next to your desk.

Cereal box upcycle idea

15. Ribbon holder

Take one half of the box and line up the spools to mark where the holes go. Cover with contact paper, poke the holes and thread some twine through the box holes and the spools, then tie the ends together nice and tight.

Cereal box upcycle idea

16. Yarn spools

Cut some spool shaped pieces out of a side of cereal box, then wrap the yarn around and cut a notch at the top to hold the yarn in. Now you can store all of your spools nice and neat.

Cereal box upcycle idea

17. Gift box

For gift giving you can use a cereal box as is, or open it up and flip inside out, covering your items with tissue paper if desired. Use it as a basic flat gift box.

Cereal box upcycle idea

18. Gift tag

Cover a piece of a cereal box with adhesive vinyl or wrapping paper, then cut out round or rectangular shapes, punch a hole, and add some ribbon or twine to use as gift tags.

Cereal box upcycle idea

19. Gift bag

Take half of a cereal box, secure the bottom with either packing tape or duct tape, then cover the whole thing with wrapping paper. Cut some handles into the front and back of the box, or just punch holes and add some string.

Cereal box upcycle idea

20. Wallet/coupon holder

Cut a nine-inch long rectangle piece along with two 3*3 inch squares. Score the nine-inch rectangle in thirds and then fold it. Fold the squares accordion style and glue to the folded rectangle. Glue the three-inch rectangle to the inside, and finally add some velcro as a closure.

Cereal box upcycle idea

21. Trash bag dispenser

Secure the bottom with packing tape, then with contact paper. Add a velcro closure to the top and cut a flap in the front. Put two holes in the back to hang on screws and insert a roll of trash bags.

Ways to reuse cereal boxes

There are so many different ways that you can repurpose not just cereal boxes and snack boxes, but all kinds of boxes you might have lying around your house. What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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