13 Easy Ways to Save Money, Live Frugally & Embrace Minimalism

by Simplify

It’s responsible to be intentional with money. Money problems can cause stress and family issues, whereas thriftiness can have positive rippling effects on the rest of your life. Slice of Light shares some frugal living tips. These are easy ways to save money.

1. Take shopping breaks

Pick one day a week, one week per month, or one month a year to buy only essentials. Taking a break saves you money and gets you into the habit of focusing on your priorities, beyond shopping.

2. Make more money

Pursue a side hustle. Ask for a raise. Turn your hobbies into a moneymaker. Having multiple income sources is a smart way to save money and gives you a backup.

3. Shop secondhand

You can even buy electronics and furniture secondhand. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly. You are doing Earth a favor while getting a better deal.

4. Check your bank account regularly

Research shows that self-monitoring can impact your behavior. Being aware can help you be conscious while making purchases, and watching your savings stack up as you live frugally acts as positive reinforcement.

5. Have a dinner scrounge night

Pick one night a week to make a meal from what you already have lying around.

6. Get your hair done professionally less often

Try to cut or dye your hair yourself, or, if not, at least cut back on how often you get it done professionally.

Ordering coffee and takeout food

7. Cut your guilty pleasures in half

You can still enjoy eating out, ordering coffee, and other things. You don’t need to eliminate that happiness source altogether to save on it.

8. Consume less meat

It’s more expensive and less environmentally friendly. Consider one vegan night a week.

9. Save monetary gifts and bonuses

Instead of using a windfall to justify an extra purchase, you can save it for something more meaningful.

10. Split a meal when you go out to eat

Or, try to reduce the cost of the meal.

11. Track your spending

Have a budget, or, at least, keep a log of your purchases. Tracking can actually change behavior.

12. Plan your grocery shopping

Stick to your list and plan meals wherever possible.e

13. You are your best asset

Use your own insight. Brainstorm your own list of frugal tips and strategies. Implement them in a methodical way. Try out a tip for a week and then self-reflect. Being intentional can save you money.

Easy ways to save money

How do you get yourself to make real changes? What are the barriers that prevent you from living frugally and minimally? Drop a comment and let us know.

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