30 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Minimalists

Are you trying to find meaningful gifts for minimalists? Or are you trying to give gifts that align with your minimalist lifestyle?

For me, it’s about the gift’s intention and purpose. I’ve bought random gifts that were enjoyed for five minutes and then just became another thing in someone’s home.

Let’s explore a curated collection of minimalist gift ideas perfect for any occasion. Here is the ultimate guide for minimalist gifts.


These gifts are ideal because once they are used up, there’s nothing the recipient of the gift has to store in their homes.

1. Baskets

Put together a basket with jams, coffee blends, or food-related sets. Know the person’s favorite foods and any allergies. Tailoring the basket to the recipient makes them feel seen and heard.

2. DIY kits

Consider a kit where the person can make cocktails, wine, or jams, for example. This gift gives someone an opportunity to learn a new skill and enjoy the resulting creation.

3. Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Put together a selection of their favorites.

4. Drinks

Wines, champagnes, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed during the festive period.

5. Hand soap/lotion

This is a gift that will be used on a daily basis and will be used up.

6. Bath salts

This gift creates a pampering, relaxing atmosphere for the gift recipient and they don’t have to store anything once the salts are used up.

7. Meal kit delivery service

Pay for a couple of meal kit deliveries so they can try something new. A gift voucher allows them to book the delivery time and type of meal they want. Giving someone a week off from cooking is a valuable gift.

8. Gift cards

The recipient has the flexibility for what they use the card to buy. Think about the retailer, or online store they’d love to shop in.

9. Decluttering service

Why not pay for someone to declutter as a gift. Offer a voucher so they can book whatever time slot works for them.

You may want to give this as a gift only if the person is asking for it. This type of gift can have a huge impact on someone’s quality of life. Some decluttering professionals, such as myself, offer virtual coaching sessions.

10. Babysitting and pet sitting vouchers

This is a valuable opportunity that allows others to get out of the house and have a bit of a breather. Or you can offer these services when they are away on holiday.

A lot of parents would really love this as a gift to have a night off and to have someone they trust watching their children or pets.

Christmas gifts

Experience gifts

These gifts are not necessarily tangible but they create memories, interactions, and build relationships.

11. Online courses

Did someone mention a course they’d like to take? Offer them a voucher or money towards the course.

12. Family photo shoot

This is popular with new couples and young families.

13. Film and theater vouchers

This lets them do and see something new. Buy tickets for you so you can experience the show together.

14. Meal out

Give the gift of quality time by having a meal together.

15. Donation to charity

Donate to their favorite charity in their name.

16. Sporting or music event tickets

This is another option if they love sports and why not enjoy the game together. Consider tickets to a concert or a festival. Maybe you can score tickets to a favorite performer that’s on tour.

17. Spa day/spa treatments

This is a great gift for a self-care day.

18. Holiday/trip vouchers

If you know they are booking a trip, get them vouchers towards a hotel, Airbnb, or other type of accommodation or restaurant. This helps someone get away, explore, and experience a different location.

Physical gifts

Here are purposeful ideas for tangible gifts.

19. Books

Physical or Kindle books by favorite authors or subjects, such as minimalism, are always welcome.

20. Kindle

A Kindle could be a great option as a useful gift.

21. Candles and oil diffusers

If they love scents, candles and diffusers will serve a purpose and they will be used.

22. Jewelry

You really need to know what style of jewelry the person would appreciate and want to wear.

23. Tote bags

Everyone needs totes so they will always be used and appreciated.

24. Travel bags

A meaningful and useful gift for the traveler.

25. Appliances

An appliance, like an air fryer or slow cooker can add value to someone’s daily life but only if they want and need the item.

26. Cookware

Quality cookware, if needed, is the best long-lasting investment for someone.

27. Shampoo bars

You will always know that bath products like this will get used. Shampoo bars are new and fun, as well as eco-friendly.

28. Houseplants, flowers, and vases

If they have a green thumb and they are on the hunt for a specific plant, give it to them for a beautiful addition to their home. Give flowers in a reusable sculptural vase.

19. Board games

These make wonderful family gifts that will get used again and again while creating fun memories and connections.

30. Journals

If they keep diaries and datebooks, offer a new bullet journal–there are countless styles.

Gifts for minimalists

Minimalists prefer gifts that they need and want. Always remember quality over quantity counts and that time is more important than things.

We’ve all fed into that idea of consuming as much as possible during the holidays. Instead, give something that someone values.

Let me know in the comments if this list was helpful and other gifts for minimalists you can add.

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