Take a Tour of My Minimalist Apartment in Siberia

Ana Goldberg
by Ana Goldberg

Welcome to my minimalist apartment. It’s a 520-square-foot one-bedroom that came fully furnished.

This is the nicest apartment I ever lived in. I pay $170 for rent, $48 for utilities, and $6 for Wi-Fi. It’s a great deal for an apartment in Siberia.

Minimalist apartment tour

Right by the entrance there's a closet. I keep my coat and shoes there, but mostly I use it to store extra things. The furnished apartment came with a lot of things that I didn’t need so I tucked them away in there.

Minimalist apartment tour

The bedroom has a nice comfortable bed that makes it hard to get up in the morning. I have one set of linens. I do the laundry every morning and by nighttime, everything is dry and ready.

Minimalist apartment tour

On the nightstand, I have my journal and my book. I have some aromatic candles that help me sleep. I also have some jewelry and makeup.

Minimalist apartment tour

The bedroom has a nice big closet. I don’t use the Marie Kondo method or any specific organization method for my clothes. I don’t have very many pieces.

I have folded clothes and hanging clothes, and everything fits with plenty of extra space. I don’t have to store clothes by season. I just keep everything in the same place.

I keep small perfume bottles and soap between the clothes. It’s a habit I picked up from my mother. It keeps things smelling fresh and beautiful. I keep some towels and guest linens on the top shelf.

I have some rugs that I bought to keep the apartment feeling cozy and warm. I keep them in different rooms throughout the apartment. They give the space a more home-like feel.

Minimalist apartment tour

This apartment has two separate rooms for the toilet and bathroom. The bathroom has a bath. It’s standard size.

There’s also a small washing machine in there. The room is very tiny, but I like that because it helps prevent the temptation to clutter it. I have a bathrobe, one of my little rugs, and some soap.

Minimalist apartment tour

The kitchen operates as a kitchen, dining space, and office for me.

Cooking in the kitchen can get tight when I have to work with multiple pots and pans.

Other than that, it is the perfect amount of space for me. I have another cozy rug here and some kitchen towels. I also keep my cat's food bowls here.

Minimalist apartment tour

I have some dried herbs on the wall that I love because they have a beautiful fragrance. I have a kettle, and waffle iron. There’s a microwave on the wall.

There’s a small balcony off the kitchen that I use to store glass, cardboard, and paper before I take it to their special collection points. I also keep the cat food there.

The living room has a nice big couch that also serves as a guest bed. I have 2 potted plants. 1 is a geranium that I saved from my parent's apartment. I don’t know the name of the 2nd plant. I found it abandoned in the street, left out as trash. I decided to rescue it. When I took it in it was dying and had 4 leaves. Now it’s thriving.

I have my sewing machine. My current knitting project, along with the rest of my art supplies are on some open shelving around the TV. I have my jewelry-making kit and my brand stamp.

I have some books and some of my artwork on those shelves as well. In the drawers underneath I have some of the packaging and supplies for selling my artwork. I have my collages, papers, and books I cut up for making collages.

Cat looking out of window

There’s also a balcony in the living room. It’s a traditional-style soviet balcony, finished with wood. I have a little garden that I tried to set up, but it wasn’t a successful harvest. I’ll give it a try again this year when the weather shifts.

Minimalist apartment tour

Let me know what you think of my minimalist Siberian apartment. I’d also love to hear what you like or don’t like about your apartment. Leave me a comment so we can chat.

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