Easy Minimalist Budget Tips To Save Money While Still Enjoying Life

Connie Riet
by Connie Riet

I mindfully stay on a minimalist budget without sacrificing the things I love. In my 20s, I lived above my means, spending more money than I was making. It wasn’t because I was a big spender, it was just because I didn’t keep track of my money.

The recession of 2008 hit my family pretty hard so I changed and I began to budget every dollar. It took time, but I became a budgeting expert but I became a penny pincher to an extreme. I developed a scarcity mentality and began to deprive my family and myself of enjoyment because I was afraid to spend money.

It took several years to find a healthy balance in budgeting and enjoying life. Minimalism has made me rich while I enjoy living life fully. My minimalist life and living frugally allow me to travel full-time abroad.

These simple money-saving tips help me save money and live a rich life. Budgeting and saving money go hand-in-hand with a minimalist lifestyle so living life doesn’t have to break the budget.

Here are some of my favorite budgeting tips and minimalist budget examples.

Sitting next to sea

1. Knowing what satisfies my mental, emotional, and physical needs

I am perfectly okay with spending money on things I love, things that improve my life, or that add value in my world. By identifying these things, it makes it easier to cut out unnecessary spending. This helps me realize my mental, emotional, and physical needs are being met.

Our needs and what sparks joy will look different for each of us. Because of this, how we budget our money will be unique to reflect our different priorities.

Something that I love and adds value to my life is traveling. When traveling to a new place, even mundane and daily activities become an adventure to me. Every day is filled with new people and new experiences. Travel fills my emotional bucket and makes me feel alive.

Buying fruit

2. Being grateful for fresh food

The Mediterranean has amazingly fresh produce and amazing baguettes. Trying out a local market is a fun way for me to discover new foods and recipes.

Cooking with whole foods is not only beneficial for your wallet, but for your health and waistline, too.

Walking down street

3. Staying active without a car

While traveling, we rarely have a car which saves us a lot of money and keeps us active. The stroll home from the market is a nice walk.

Fresh fruit

4. Cooking from scratch

Eating out can chip away at any budget regardless of what country I’m in. A meal can be simple yet delicious with simple ingredients. This orange and beet salad is a favorite and quick healthy lunch.


5. Finding simple entertainment

Because visiting a new place is incredibly satisfying to me, I don’t feel the need to spend money on entertainment or shopping. I’m perfectly entertained sitting on the beach watching the ships sail by and listen to the mingled languages spoken around you.

I’m aware of the nuances of the place, such as the pebbles, sand, and crystal waters. Taking in the sights around me, like the ancient stone walls and towers, the stunning white buildings lined with palm trees makes it look like something out of a movie.

Coffee and pastry

6. Realizing life’s simple pleasures can cost pennies

I don’t feel like I need to deprive myself of life’s simple pleasures. Many things cost very little money and I enjoy them very much.

My guilty pleasure is baked goods. The smell of the coffee and the yeasty bread baking beckons me into the cafe. A flaky croissant and cappuccino is a slice of heaven and only costs about $2.50. It’s a very small price to pay for heaven.

Pegging out laundry

7. Finding more little ways to save money

Finding small ways to save money, like line drying clothing versus using a dryer, can be beneficial in many ways. There’s nothing more pleasant than smelling the sun on freshly laundered clothing.

Sometimes doing things the way they’ve always been done works best. The slow simplicity of drying clothing on a line feels comforting.

Minimalist budget

There is a balance to everything in life and money is no exception. Having a budget should never mean depriving yourself of the things you love. Let me know in the comments if these tips on how to budget have helped you in any way.

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