7 Simple Things in My Minimalist Room That Make Me Happy

Samurai Matcha
by Samurai Matcha

I’m a minimalist and a school teacher living in Japan. I’d like to give you a mini room tour of my minimalist room. I’ll introduce seven things in my room that make me happy. By doing this, I’m hoping you can learn about a minimal lifestyle and become inspired by my minimalist room design.

Cedar wood in the interior of the bedroom

1. Wooden architecture

My favorite part of my room is the wooden elements. Studies show that wood in rooms creates a less stressful environment. Every day I feel at peace because of the wood’s smell and pattern. Local cedar trees were used to construct these architectural details. This cedar is a little red, so the red tint makes the room feel warmer.

Tatami floor mats

2. Tatami floor mats

Tatami is an indispensable part of a minimal lifestyle and Japanese culture. The scent of rush, a type of grass that tatami is made from, has a relaxing effect. Just being in the room has a calming effect on me.

How to use tatami floor mats

A tatami floor can be used for various purposes. It can be used as an interior decoration, you can comfortably sit or lay down on it, and you can exercise on it. You can also practice the tea ceremony on it as well.

Placing plants in a minimalist room

3. Plants

There are three reasons why I have plants in my room. First, plants make my room feel lively. I put a maple tree in the corner and a eucalyptus tree in the bathroom. I put an ibota tree on my desk. I have chosen plants that are easy to maintain. Second, I love having something to take care of and watching them grow. 

Types of plants in the bedroom

My maple was just a bud in the winter and now its green leaves have grown. And I have an avocado seed that’s finally sprouted. Seeing these daily changes makes me feel a little brighter every day. And third, looking at plants helps me relax and that helps increase my concentration and memory retention.

Japanese paper lamp by Isamu Noguchi

4. Paper lamps

Indirect lighting from lamps can make a room feel warm. I use Japanese paper lamps by Isamu Noguchi who is a Japanese-American artist. They are very light and don’t take up much space. 

Bamboo bike

5. Bamboo bike

This bike has become one of my best friends and I’ve traveled around the world with it. The frame is bamboo and Japanese lacquer is also used. It’s made by hand and it’s a work of art. Every time I see this bike, it gives me confidence because I remember the journeys I’ve completed with the bike.

Essential oils collection

6. Essential oils

Having essential oils in my room makes my life more enjoyable. The scents make my room a type of healing space. I look forward to returning to my room. 

Tadaima wood dish to use with essential oils

I love the Tadaima wood dish that I use with my essential oils. The dish is made from camphor trees and all I need are just a few drops of essential oil for the dish to absorb and soon my room smells heavenly. The dish is minimal, environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t use fire or electricity to create the scent.

Lighting a candle in a minimalist room

7. Candle

Occasionally I will light this candle before going to bed. If I’m anxious or stressed, it’s super relaxing to gaze into it. 

A minimalist room

What do you think about the seven items? What items or minimalist room ideas do you have that relax you and make you happy? And by the way, if you have any ideas for low-maintenance plants for my minimalist bedroom, please let me know in the comments below!

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  • Helen Helen on Oct 19, 2023

    I love the idea of the tadaima wood vessel for essential oils! Where can I find these?

  • Vee Vee on Oct 19, 2023

    where can i get tadama bowl for the fragrance?