20 Things I Don't Buy Now I'm on My Minimalist Journey

Today I want to talk to you about 20 things I don’t buy anymore. My purpose on my minimalist journey is to be more intentional and resourceful with the things that I already have.

In our culture, we heavily place a value on material possessions, trends, and convenience, and this can lead to excessive consumption. This is an easy trap to fall into, so this is my list of things I stopped buying in order to be more mindful.

1. Coffee filters

I use my French press to satisfy all of my coffee needs, and I love that it is simple and I do not need to buy additional parts for it.

2. Bottled water

Having a water bottle is essential in order to stay hydrated. I fill up my water bottle before I leave the house so that I have it with me at any time, and it prevents me from going to the store and just buying bottled water.

Kitchen appliances

3. Kitchen appliances

I love to experiment in the kitchen, but it is not necessary to buy all of the kitchen appliances to make this happen. You can be creative with what you already have, and I think that is really part of the fun. I use my blender for everything, even as a food processor, and it has been such a good investment.

4. Plates, mugs, and silverware

I noticed that having excess just led to more dishes and it was just unnecessary work, so I reduced it to just the sets we truly need and use.

5. Plastic bags

Plastic bags or sandwich bags were convenient for bringing snacks or lunches on the road, but I noticed how wasteful it was, especially if we only used one bag once. Switching to Tupperware has been great, and we can reuse it year after year.

Books vs Audible

6. Books

I now use Audible, which fits my new lifestyle: I am always on the go. I enjoy every aspect of listening to books, so Audible has been a great alternative to save time and space.

7. Stationery

I used to buy so many stationery goods, cute journals or calendars planners. Luckily, I actually get free ones from work, so I no longer need to purchase them myself.

8. Cleaning supplies

It is quite easy to make your own cleaning supply. I mix white vinegar, baking soda, and a little bit of tea tree oil. I have noticed that I can use it on almost all surfaces, and it works even better than the supplies from the store.

9. Single-use items

Always reaching for the multipurpose item saves me a lot of money and is much more practical. I use the same Bioderma bottle as a makeup remover, as a toner, or to remove excess oils.

Home decor

10. Home decor

I used to browse through the home decor sections looking for inspiration. Cutting out this habit has saved me a ton of money. Moreover, I am not bringing in unnecessary decor items to clutter up my house.

11. Seasonal decorations

I do not think it is worth buying decor items just for one month out of the year and storing it in a box somewhere for the rest of the year. Instead, to freshen up my look, I love rearranging my furniture or maybe bringing in some fresh flowers.

12. Television

We do not own a television or anything related to it, as we truly do not need it. If we need to watch something, we can find it online, mostly on YouTube, or we ask relatives to use their subscriptions.

Things I don't buy as a minimalist

13. Technology

Until my screen cracks or my gadget stops working, I do not feel the need to upgrade it. This saves me a lot of money, and I am much less wasteful. When it comes to tech, for me it is more about practicality rather than trends or aesthetics.

14. Pet toys

My puppies definitely have their favorite toys, and even if I buy them a fancy new toy, they are not interested. They are actually happier learning new tricks or just going outside to play.

15. Fashion accessories

I am realizing that I was never really into accessories, so I do not know why I felt the need to buy them.

Minimalist jewelry

16. Jewelry

This goes for jewelry as well. I have my staple jewelry: earrings and a wedding ring, and that is plenty for me. There is no need to add more to my collection if I am not going to wear them.

17. Fast fashion

Learning more about the social and environmental cost of fast fashion, I am realizing that it is not worth it for me. I have not purchased anything from a fast fashion store in a very long time.

18. Cocktails/beverages

Going out for cocktails or any beverage can really cost as much as the meal itself. Not purchasing any drinks when we go out to dine has saved me a lot of money, and I notice how unnecessary it really was.

Things I don't buy anymore

19. Souvenirs

I used to love buying souvenirs, little magnets, and postcards, whenever we went traveling abroad. However, they would always end up in a box, unused. I think the best souvenirs are truly our memories, our photos, and our videos.

And if you learn something new about their customs or culture, a new phrase or a new word, that stays with us for a longer time.

20. Things I cannot afford

When I say I cannot afford something, I definitely do mean the price, but also my time, space, and energy, as well. I have been trying to be intentional with this concept and rethinking everything before I purchase it.

I always remind myself that it is never a good deal if I am not going to get any use out of it.

20 Things I don't buy anymore

For me, seeking a minimal lifestyle is seeking a balanced lifestyle. This list of things I don’t buy as a minimalist is my baby step toward putting an end to mindless consumption. What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments. 

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  • Top29418762 Top29418762 on Dec 30, 2023

    I was not impressed at all, but to each his own, I guess! I love going out to dinner, buying things I like and enjoying the things I have accumulated…….i believe I am not a minimalist!!! Thank goodness!

  • Mwi21876736 Mwi21876736 on Dec 30, 2023

    I enjoyed your list! At our stage of life, we like nice things but we do not like clutter or storing a lot of extra things! I do love Christmas decor, but I have kept just my favorite very special things! We do enjoy going out for dinner and having a drink! Thanks for your great list. It will impact many people! 😀