7 Small Ways to Simplify Your Life & Live Like a Minimalist

If you're also looking for ways to simplify your life, I have some tiny habits and tips to get you started. I live in a small fishing village in Portugal. Life is simpler here, and that's one of the biggest reasons we chose this place as our new home.

I am genuinely grateful to be here to observe and take in what it means to live a simple life, but I also think that these lifestyle values and habits can be applied to all of our lives, no matter where we are in the world.

Keeping decor simple

1. Keep your decor simple in the bedroom

Our bedroom has enough space to fit a bed and a nightstand, and that's about it. It initially felt slightly empty, but now I appreciate having a simple, clutter-free bedroom.

If you are trying to simplify your life, I highly encourage you to reexamine your physical space first, starting with your bedroom; look around and see if there is unnecessary decor on your nightstand, big clunky furniture that's just not being used, or tangled, electric cords and tech stuff everywhere.

These things might get in the way of achieving a peaceful and calming atmosphere.  

Smart & functional wardrobe

2. Curate a smart, functional wardrobe

I am proud to say that I no longer have clothes in my wardrobe that I do not wear, which might sound ridiculous because that should be the norm, but unfortunately, it wasn't for me.

When I decluttered my entire closet before the big move, I only chose to keep the items I knew I would repeatedly wear in Portugal. Having a smart capsule wardrobe eliminates the question of what I should wear today.

So look in your closet, makeup drawer, and jewelry box, and ask yourself if all the pieces are a good reflection of you and your style.  

Living a minimalist lifestyle

3. Eliminate technology for daily tasks

My job requires me to be on a computer throughout the day, so I try to avoid technology in other areas whenever I can. Instead of depending on my phone for entertainment, I go for walks or work on my creative hobbies.

Instead of always consuming content, I try to enjoy the quiet house or tune into whatever is happening around me. Instead of depending on my GPS, I try to look for landmarks to navigate.

It's not to make my life more difficult on purpose, but it's because I don't want to be so dependent on technology that I eventually forget how to socialize, memorize, have fun, or know what life is like without these devices.

The more we steer away from technology, the more that we're left with just the raw ingredients of life.  

Walking up hills

4. Make exercise a part of your daily routine

Instead of getting a gym membership, joining classes, or doing yoga meetups, I find that the most sustainable way to exercise is to make it a part of my lifestyle. It costs nothing and barely takes any effort.

Lately, we have been walking a lot. Almost every day, we climb up the steep hills to film, take photos, and explore. I realized long ago that I wouldn't be consistent if physical activity felt like a chore. So I always try to make it fun, adventurous, and purposeful.  

Grocery store

5. Avoid online shopping

One of the biggest habits I left behind was the habit of online shopping. I truly think that the convenience of online shopping is both a blessing and a curse in our society.

Of course, I can see why this is useful for people who don't have quick access to things they need or anyone who cannot easily go to the stores.

However, I used it as a way to get that instant gratification. Whenever I felt like I needed something, I would put it in my cart, and it was just one click away from appearing at my doorstep. Now if I need something, I walk to the store.

When I'm checking out, I can look at my cart and take another second to think if I need the item, and sometimes I change my mind on the way to the store. 

Healthy and easy meal planning

6. Have a library of healthy and easy meals

My husband and I love to eat out at least once a week, especially since moving to Portugal.

We've been loving trying all the different food flavors and love getting to know our local restaurants, too. But for the other 99% of the time, I cook at home and try to rely on these easy meals that I can prepare in less than 20 minutes.

In the past, we would always contemplate what to eat, and when we couldn't make a decision, we would always default to getting takeout or snacking on whatever was lying around the house, which wasn't a good habit.

I feel like it could have been easily avoided if we had this library of simple meals that we both love. I love meal prepping, but I know that not everyone enjoys eating the same thing every day.  

So if you fall into that category, try Ingredients Prepping instead, where you chop, prep, and store your ingredients for the week right after you return from the market. Then you have everything ready and available whenever you're ready to cook.  

Ways to simplify your life

7. Create a reliable system for your admin life

I'm always considering ways to simplify my admin life, responsibilities, bills, and tasks. I've tried using so many different apps and methods, but nothing has been as effective as my Google Calendar, little black notebook, and Notes app for my phone.

If you feel like your life is disorganized and hectic, simplify your system to one that works for you, it doesn't have to be a fancy, expensive app, but just a method you know you'll be consistent with.  

Ways to simplify your life

When looking for ways to simplify your life, remember that a simple life is one that's been intentionally crafted to have so much meaning, depth, and joy. I hope you can apply some of these tiny habits to simplify your life as well.

What have you done to enjoy a simple life? Share your habits in the comments below.

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