The 5 Best Ways to Save Money Fast

Becky | Freebie Lady
by Becky | Freebie Lady

Today I’m going to tell you the best way to save money fast. If you’re interested in having an extra $1,000 in your pocket then this article is for you. I am going to show you five steps that you need to take to get an extra $1,000 in your pocket.

1. Find ways to save on insurance

This is guaranteed to work if you follow my instructions. The first thing I’m going to advise you to do is to go on your phone or your computer and go to

GetJerry is going to give you quotes from a variety of insurance companies. The really great thing about GetJerry is that they will not bombard you with spam messages, phone calls, or spam emails. They're just going to give you quotes.

Once you get the quotes, you're going to call your insurance companies and tell them the price quotes you got from the other companies. Ask them what you can do to lower your payments.

If they say they can't do anything, contact three to five other insurance companies and see what they can offer you. Often these companies will offer you a lower price to get a new customer, or your existing insurance will lower the price so they don’t lose a customer.

The caveat here is you want to make sure that you are comparing the same types of insurance policies. You don't want one of them to knock out a bunch of things that you could potentially use just to get a better rate while the one you’re comparing kept those coverages.

Pay attention to each type of coverage they’re including. Sometimes those extra things could be costing you a ton of money, so figure out exactly what you need in terms of coverage and compare the costs. 

Saving on insurance

2. Get rid of cable

The second thing you are going to do to get yourself $1,000 by the end of this article is cut your cable. If you still have cable, you need to call your cable company and cancel it.

There are so many different places that you can access free cable and free movies from. In this day and age, there are so many options available to you online that nobody should have to pay for cable.

3. Switch to a low-cost phone carrier

The next thing you're going to do to get yourself $1,000 by the end of this article is to switch to a low-cost phone carrier.

A lot of times when people think of low-cost phone carriers they worry they’re going to have to sacrifice the quality of their service to switch to a cheaper carrier, but that really is not the case.

The reason that low-cost phone carriers are able to give you phenomenal service and the same exact connection as your current carrier is that they use the same cell phone towers.

The reason low-cost carriers can offer lower prices is that they do not have brick-and-mortar storefronts, so almost all of their transactions are done online.

That saves a ton of money for the company and then they can pass those savings on to you. Some of my favorite low-cost phone carriers are Mint Mobile, Visible, Tello, Boost, and Ultra.

Rocket Money app

4 Get rid of extra subscriptions

The next thing you are going to do to get yourself $1,000 takes a good look at all of your subscriptions. Even if you are the most diligent budgeter in the world, I bet you have a subscription looming somewhere in the background that you have completely forgotten about.

You signed up on a whim, stopped using it, forgot about it, and without you even noticing, it’s charging you money month after month. Those little subscriptions really add up. 

I have found that the best way to get all of your subscriptions in order and figure out which ones to get rid of is through an app called Rocket Money. Rocket Money is completely free. It'll go through everything and see which subscriptions you have. 

You can even cancel those subscriptions with the push of a button on Rocket Money. I am not being sponsored by them in any way, shape, or form. It's just a really good financial tool to have right on your phone.

Rocket Money makes things quick and easy, and it will save you a ton of money, especially from those sneaky overlooked subscriptions. 

5. Cut your grocery bill

The last saving method is a huge one. I know a lot of people would like to just skip over it because they don't think it’s possible, but we must address cutting your grocery bill. I bet every single one of you is paying too much for your grocery bill. 

If you follow the techniques that I teach, you're going to be able to cut that grocery bill by 50% - 70%. I've even helped people cut their bills by 80%. The method I use has enabled me to cut our family's grocery bill from $1,200 a month to $400 a month. 

I use what I call the B.O.R.E.S. system. B.O.R.E.S. stands for budget, organize, reduce and reuse, extend, and simplify. The system starts by creating a monthly budget and then using the subsequent steps to help you stick to it. 

You organize your grocery list to fit your budget. The reducing, reusing, and extending steps are all about limiting portions and making use of leftovers. The last step is to simplify your shopping activity. Shopping online, for example, will help prevent you from impulse buys that happen as a result of aimlessly wandering the aisles at the supermarket. 

The best way to save money fast

If you follow all these steps, you are going to be able to have an extra $1,000 or more in your pockets. Finding places to save and cutting back on unnecessary expenses can add up to big savings.

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have other ways of saving money that I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment in the comments section so we can exchange ideas and save even more.

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