Costco Vs Sam's Club Prices: Which Store is Cheaper?

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If you’re someone who absolutely loves to find the best deals in town, Matt Granite—otherwise known by his YouTube moniker The Deal Guy—is looking out for you. Today, he’s exploring Costco vs. Sam’s Club prices and putting to bed the age-old question, is Costco or Sam’s Club better?

Prices are as of September 2022

While most consumers are left wondering which option makes the most financial sense when it comes to a Costco membership vs. a Sam’s Club membership, Matt hits both stores, compares prices across a variety of products, and helps you make the smartest decision possible for your family.

Because after all, Matt says most people simply pick the closest store to their home and one of the few exceptions to that rule is when consumers need to buy hearing aid batteries regularly.

In the ultimate Sam’s Club vs. Costco showdown, Matt says that Sam’s Club is officially cheaper for products like toilet paper, frozen pizza, chicken breasts, orange juice, and K-cups. Moreover, you can save money on mozzarella cheese, Bud Light, Coors Light, vodka, and blueberries at Sam’s Club.

Cashier scanning products in a supermarket

However, Costco is the clear pricing winner for products like Pepsi products, dryer sheets, laundry pods, liquid fabric softener, and whole milk. Plus, Costco has the better buy on brown eggs, egg whites, sharp cheddar cheese, chardonnay, and Swiffer duster refills.

Perhaps unexpectedly though, Sam’s Club and Costco actually tie in price for products such as rotisserie chicken, ground beef, bottled water, Coke products, and prosecco. In fact, across the store, Matt found 21 different products across a variety of departments that were priced exactly the same at both warehouse clubs.

Costco vs Sam's Club prices

Is Sam’s Club cheaper than Costco? It’s actually not! Matt’s Costco vs. Sam’s Club prices challenge determined that 34 products were cheaper at Costco while only 30 products were cheaper at Sam’s Club.

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