Budget-friendly Hacks: How I Created My Dollar Tree Home Office

If you dream of an organized craft space, hobby space, or home office you love spending time in, this Dollar Tree home office is for you.

With these budget-friendly hacks, I will teach you how to turn even the smallest of spaces into the area of your dreams. Let's get started.

1. DIY phone stand or charger

We will head to the Dollar Tree Kids section and pick up two dollhouse chairs. I love projects like this one that add decor on a shoestring budget and are also functional.

Making DIY phone stand or charger

So we'll start by sanding these two chairs to get that glassy finish off.

Now, I'm taking two of these wooden Jenga blocks, also found in the kid's toy section at Dollar Tree.

Making DIY phone stand or charger

I'm gluing them onto the chairs just at the edge here, and I'm using E6000 for a permanent bond and then a glue gun for a quick bond.

Making DIY phone stand or charger

Now I'm picking up a white topcoat of spray paint, and we're just going to cover that purple finish first, and then we're going to go over it with gold.

Making DIY phone stand or charger

Now, guess what we have? This is a great telephone stand or charger, and it will look ultra adorable in your home office or craft space.

Paper clutter

2. Paper clutter

One of the main things that I realized I need is a spot for items I don't have time to deal with right away. I will have regular time to do that, especially paper clutter that I know I need to file or whatever the case may be.

Still, I am not a big believer in being so rigid with yourself that you must maintain this meticulous system.

3. Adding comfort

Even if your space is just one room or a corner of a room, it needs comfort and function, or you will start to avoid it. I had been using a large stool with an elevated table in this area, and it was no longer serving me.

Desk chair

So I went ahead and ordered this swivel chair that has an ergonomic back. This was a great investment, not only in my comfort but for my back.

4. Creating comfort

Throughout our life together, my husband has always ensured I had a place set apart for creating. Sometimes, it was a walk-in closet or a corner of our laundry room, but at this point, I'm fortunate enough to have a whole bedroom to fashion. However, I need it for this business and also to create.

Working at desk

I ordered a new table from Wayfair.

My husband helped me put it together. I'm thrilled with it. My only critique is that it does have a seam down the middle for packaging purposes. So, I decided to cover it with some gold wrapping paper, which was perfect since one of my goals in this room was to add a little bit more gold.

I have to say I love it. It has two pre-set options so that you can put this table where you like it for your height, and then to raise or lower it, you push one button, and it goes up very easily.

No matter where you're working and what space you have in your house, take some time and make a little effort to make sure it's comfortable because if you don't have a comfortable spot that supports your back, you will start to dread working there.

Add a pillow, footrest, or something to make that spot comfy and cozy.

Cleaning shelves

5. Bookshelves and storage

I have been using these tried and true bookshelves from Walmart for a while now, and I love the configuration. Still, I did not love the visual clutter, so I decided to use it better, especially on this one, by shopping at my local thrift store.

This time, my goal was to use natural materials, not plastic, so I took the measurements of those bookshelves and found an ideal set of hidden storage.

Spraying painting basket

The first was these three nesting baskets, and the second was this treasure trove, a kind of little basket.

I just fell in love with this guy. While I was at the thrift store, I found these beautiful brand-new frames, and one of my goals this year is to add more heirloom-type items to my decor.

I love showing you all the insider tips and tricks to make the most of your downsized and decluttered space. For about $10, I purchased these four pieces that will work well for hidden storage. Here's an insider decorator hack.

Adding baskets to shelves

Whenever you have storage pieces, pull them to the front of the shelf you're using.

This way, you not only can hide some things behind them, but it is a lot more visually appealing to have those things coming forward.

Electronic clutter

This treasure chest was transformed to hold all my electronics and cords, driving me crazy with all that visual clutter.

Baskets on shelves

These baskets are the perfect size to hold projects I'm working on, my Cricut labeler, and my hot glue gun, and now I even have extra space on these shelves.

Pet bed

Make the most of your vertical space, whether a counter or a bookshelf, by using some three-ring binders to hold all kinds of items.

Use these for decorative and craft paper, manuals, or instructions. I had an extra little cubby spot on the bookshelf, so I pushed Bella's dog bed in there.

Items on shelf

I used the gold spray paint to redo my tissue box to match the gold decor I'm now using.

These spaces can easily get cluttered with the supplies we need to use regularly, so we'll grab a couple of items from Dollar Tree.


This marble tray, this new gold tape dispenser, and crystal clear tape refills from Dollar Tree.

This is super easy to use, and I think this new item from Dollar Tree elevates a commonly used item for an office or hobby space.

Since I had recovered that tired surface with Dollar Tree's Marble Ice Contact Paper, this marble tray blends in and looks very classy with my new tape dispenser and a couple of other items I use at arm's reach.

Getting organized can boost productivity and create a soothing environment to work or be creative. I've corralled all my craft items into just this one little area.

If you're not a big plastic fan, pick up some of these gold wire baskets and wire paper organizers from Dollar Tree.

Organized papers

I zip-tied these wire paper holders together to form a tower, and now I'm making the most of my vertical storage for all my paper goods.

No matter how small or simple your personal space for creating or your home office is, do not neglect to add a little bit of decor, even if it's just one little picture on a shelf. I love this simplified, cleaner look with just a few gold touches.


I found an adorable little local nursery, and she was able to help me pick out the perfect plant to sit on the shelf in my office and craft area.

Adding a living element to this room will make it much more inviting and just a little bit healthier for me.

Dollar Tree home office

I hope my Dollar Tree home office makeover inspired you to create a comfortable, affordable space. What do you use to make your office work for you? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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