How to Save Money at Target: 10 Easy Tips

Today, I am going to tell you different secrets, savings, tips, and tricks for how to save money at Target that I bet you don't know about.

Let's get things started with the easiest and the most obvious one. You should have a Red Card. With the red card, you save 5 % on every single transaction, and the cool thing about that is you can stack that with other promotions.

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1. Display models

You can buy anything you see on the floor as a display model, and you can get super steep discounts on them, especially if they are seasonal or holiday items.

You can even bargain with the sales associates with these floor items. Wait till the end of the season, and they gladly will sell you the display model because usually the display models, if nobody offers to buy them, they just chuck them.

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2. The lowest clearance price

Target is one of the only big box stores that does a 90% off huge clearance sale on seasonal and holiday items.

However, the other items will only go 70% off. They will not go any lower, and the way you know what the percentage is is to look at the label. So here is an example of some labels. In the upper corner, it will have a number: 30, 40, 60% off, whatever. If it gets to 70% off and it is not a seasonal or holiday item, that is the most percent off that it will ever go to.

They will give you the difference if the price drops in the next 14 days. So make sure you hold on to receipts, especially for those big-ticket items.

3. BrickSeek

What BrickSeek does is it goes to major box stores, and it can tell you what the price is for that item in the store. There is a monthly membership for some of BrickSeek's services, but I only have the free version, and it does what I want.

There are little sections that will tell you what the markdowns are for really popular items within a store. I always use BrickSeek when I am waiting for a big holiday 90% off or big seasonal merchandise 90% off sale because the thing with those 90% off sales is they're usually only one day.

With BrickSeek, you can just do it from the comfort of your own home. Usually, it trips the system at midnight, or so I will wake up first thing in the morning, and I will check a couple of the SKUs for items that I know are in that holiday or seasonal merchandise sale, and I will see if they're marked down or not.

4. Market Pantry is a brand

Another trick they don't want you to know about is that many of the Market's Pantry food items are the same as the name brand. For example, the Market's Pantry chicken is Tyson chicken. It's the same thing. They just buy it from Tyson chicken and repackage it in their item and packaging material.

5. Price matching

If you find an item at another store and it is less than it is at Target, then just price match. This works well for big purchases like a TV, an electronic, or something expensive.

You can also price match sometimes on Amazon. Most of the time, when they price match to Amazon, it has to be sold by and shipped by Amazon and not by third-party sellers.

6. Stacking savings

The next secret savings trick at Target is where things start getting exciting when you can start stacking up the savings. So you can get 5% off when you use your Red Card. You get 15 % when you add it to your registry. Then you can price match. Then, if you buy online, make sure that you're using a cashback app like Rakuten, and then on top of that, when you purchase your item, make sure to scan your receipt in Fetch Rewards, where you even get more points back.

All those things that you, for Fetch Rewards and Rakuten or any cash back app that you wanna use, you can trade those in for free gift cards. You can start to see when you add up all those savings; the savings can just be incredible. Please do not forget those cashback apps, especially Fetch.

7. You don't have to buy multiple items

The next one that I bet you don't know about is if there's an item at Target or a sale going on and it says buy two for $10 or buy two for $5, you do not have to buy two to get the sale price. So if you only buy one and it says buy two for $5, one will only be $2.50.

8. Electronics trade-in

Here's something that I don't think a lot of people know about Target: if you have an electronic that you don't use anymore, you can bring it to Target and trade it in for free gift cards.

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9. Bullseye Insider

Now, this one I have never heard people talking about. It's called Bullseye Insider, which is the trick to getting free items at Target.

All you have to do is join the Bullseye Insider program. This is like little surveys and your opinion on certain things related to Target.

Then, if you are super active within the Bullseye Insider community, you will probably be asked to become a secret shopper or a reviewer for Target.

10. Target Cartwheel app

Last but not least, I cannot believe I forgot to tell you to have the Target Cartwheel app. You need the Target Cartwheel app nowadays because this is where you get all these sales.

This is where you get the digital coupons. You can even use it for returns, and you can use your Red Card right there, and then you don't have to carry your card around with you. It is, it's the best.

How to save money at target

Let me know which tip for how to save money at Target you guys like the best by leaving a comment below.

Target is a great source of savings if you know what to look for. Use these tips to save as much as you can.

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