Homesteading Self-Sufficiency Tips From the Great Depression

by Simplify

Melissa Norris knows a thing or two about homesteading. After a cancer scare eleven years ago, she completely changed her life—focusing more on simple living and healing her body with wholesome foods that she grows entirely herself.

These days, she’s sharing her favorite self-sufficiency tips from the Great Depression so that others like her can start their own journey toward living a more natural lifestyle.

Interestingly enough, these particular Great Depression survival tips are near and dear to her heart. And that’s because they were passed down to her from her very own grandmother and father who lived off the land themselves during the 1940s.

According to Melissa, many frugal living tips from the Great Depression are still very relevant even today, and they have plenty of health benefits that come along with them too.

The first of her tips from the Great Depression is to raise your own chickens. She says that you can even preserve eggs for those long winter months when your chickens have stopped laying eggs. That way, you can still rely on the protein and fat from the eggs themselves as part of your daily diet. And those eggs can also be used to make baked goods.

Self-sufficiency tips from the Great Depression

Other frugal living tips from the Great Depression you should take heed of include having a milk cow—for making your own milk, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and a variety of cheeses—raising pigs to obtain meat and lard during the butchering process as well as cattle for beef and tallow, and growing a garden full of nutritious vegetables.

Lastly, Melissa also recommends mastering the art of canning and dehydrating for food preservation, hunting for wild game, and fishing in local waterways as self-sufficiency tips from the Great Depression that you never want to ignore. And all of these tips combined will help you become more self-sufficient.

Self-sufficiency tips from the Great Depression

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