The Best Layout For a 2 X 40ft Shipping Container Home

by Simplify

Carl Kaufman is a professional container home builder in New Era, Oregon. He recently built a 2 40ft shipping container home that included bump outs, plant hangers, and a covered entryway in the original design plans—changing the way many people look at how tiny homes are currently being built.

Shipping containers

Most shipping container homes around the world are pretty uniform due to the confines of working with the shipping containers themselves. The inside of shipping container homes is often very similar from one tiny home to the next as well, with only minor differences present in color scheme and decor.

However, Carl is proof that 2 40 ft shipping container home plans can be made adaptable to whatever the homeowner would like. Shipping container homes don’t have to be the same old model time and time again.

Plus, they can be made out of durable, sustainable, and recycled products at the very same time, which is an important consideration in a climate-changing world.

The 2 x 40ft shipping container home Carl calls the Sweet Spot model can be built to suit with either a roof or canopies, painted in a variety of colors, and is roughly 650 sq ft as it stands. It’s a noticeably open floor plan with a rustic-looking beam connecting the two shipping containers together and bearing the load of the entire house.

The bump outs in this 2 40ft shipping container home add some additional square footage as well so that certain spaces, like the dining room, can be somewhat separated from the rest of the living area, and given enough space for proper seating.

And the typical starting price for a home like this is right around $195,000 with additional costs coming from transportation, setting it up on a foundation, and hooking up utilities.

2 x 40ft shipping container home

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