Take a Tour of This 4 X 40ft Used Shipping Container Home

by Simplify

Matt and Danielle have created multiple cheap shipping container homes. Their shipping container home designs include three-story buildings, as well as single off-grid modules. One of their latest creations is this fabulous 1,280-square-foot modern cottage.

The L-shaped kitchen is very spacious, with a white marble countertop and custom blue cabinetry, complete with under-cabinet lighting. Matt and Danielle have found a very creative solution to store the Wi-Fi router in the living room: the fireplace sits between two benches, which open up to offer additional hidden storage space.

Shipping containers

The living room has a walkout to a deck at the rear of the property, which has enough room to dine outside. The roof creates shade in the summer and covers from the rain in other seasons, making it very comfortable to enjoy the views the cottage offers all year long.

On the other side of the house, two containers make up three bedrooms, as well as a guest bathroom with a tub and a shower. In the master bedroom, double closets provide ample space for clothes.

Having shipping containers for walls has some hidden advantages. For one, the walls are magnetic, so you will never have to use nails to hang pictures. Matt and Danielle have installed art lights and are planning to decorate this shipping container home with more artwork in the future.

Moreover, the height of the containers is 8’6, so the ceilings are higher than in an average regular house. As for flaws, there is condensation, which can be prevented by insulating both outside and inside shipping container homes.

How much is a shipping container home? Danielle says the price is usually similar to that of a regular house, but the cost has lately been going down. The main attraction though is that the construction is much faster, which can save money if you have a construction mortgage.

Shipping container home

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