How They Built a Super Low-Cost Shipping Container Home

by Simplify

Cathy and Paul are a couple living in a shipping container home in Australia that is super low on cost but big on design.

Surrounded by a working sugar cane farm, their shipping container home is set right in the middle of a large and very scenic green space, and they’ve added even more gorgeous landscaping around the home that really helps set it apart.

But it’s when you actually step inside shipping container homes like theirs, that you realize it may not have been exactly what you initially bargained for.

Moving a shipping container

For being grouped into the same category as other cheap shipping container homes, Cathy and Paul’s home is anything but ordinary.

From the light and airy feel to the high ceilings, panoramic windows, beveled glass doors, and wood accents throughout, you can easily forget that this living space is an extremely affordable shipping container home that was custom built.

Other unique shipping container home designs you’ll find here include a hand-carved banister lining the staircase, solid timber shelves, lighting fixtures made out of cedar masts from a 100-year-old boat, and a kitchen countertop made out of Australian iron bar with bird’s eye in it.

Plus, Cathy created custom art to decorate their living space with vibrant colors.

How much is a shipping container home like this one? Shockingly, Cathy and Paul bought the original shipping container for just $50 since the roof was rusting out. And all in, they’ve only spent about $20,000 for their entire shipping container home.

Low-cost shipping container home

How did they do it? Paul says they saved a lot of money building things themselves and using as many self-harvested, recycled, and reclaimed materials as possible. And now they have a gorgeous, super low-cost shipping container home of their own to be proud of.

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  • THR55892392 THR55892392 on Dec 10, 2022

    I thought about buying a shipping container for a workshop. I have plenty of room in the back yard. BUT, the city and county would not allow installation, even though in other counties many dudes like me have converted them into beautiful workshops and garden sheds and kids play houses.