This Tiny House Combines a Shipping Container, a Pod & a Cabin

by Simplify

It may be hard to believe, but a shipping container tiny house doesn’t have to feel like a cramped space with no room to grow. On this episode of Living Big in a Tiny House, you can follow along as the host takes a tour of a tiny house compound of sorts made from a shipping container, a pod, and a tiny cabin that all work together to create plenty of indoor living space, including five separate bedrooms.

Shipping containers

Gavin, the owner, decided to build a tiny house shipping container and pod compound of his own in three different stages, growing the amount of his usable living space gradually over time. All three of the structures have a black minimalist look to them which is very aesthetically pleasing.

Because of the way each of these three structures has been placed, Gavin also has a lot of open outdoor green space to enjoy that includes pristine landscaping, a fire pit, and a rotisserie cooker. Plus, he has a 6000+ gallon rainwater tank and is connected to the grid for power.

The pod serves as Gavin’s master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. While the tiny house includes a sitting area with a recycled maple OSB feature wall, loft bedrooms, a large black and white bathroom with a compact vanity, walk-in shower, plumbed toilet, a heat transfer system, and an indoor kitchen with full-size appliances, and lots of storage including a panty.

Lastly, the shipping container tiny house has a living and dining room space, two bedrooms, and a bathroom with laundry.

Even more interesting is that Gavin has a large outdoor kitchen with a grill, a small refrigerator, plenty of storage, and an extra large outdoor dining table located just outside. You simply can’t find a shipping container tiny house quite like this.

Shipping container tiny house

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To see more videos, check out the Living Big in a Tiny House YouTube channel.

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