They Turned 2 X 20ft Shipping Containers Into a Cute Guesthouse

by Simplify

Bob and his wife knew that they wanted a guesthouse to host their expanding family when they came to visit. So, they combined two shipping containers, which were already built out, via a construct that sits between the two containers and acts as an open living space.

Shipping container

Each container in this two 20-foot shipping container home was already built at the point where Bob purchased it. Each had a bathroom, kitchen, living space, and master bedroom, meaning that they already came with their own bedrooms and bathrooms, and Bob didn’t have to start building those himself.

This also allows each container to act as its own type of self-contained suite, while the construct in the middle creates a common space between the two containers.

The middle piece was custom-built to fit the containers. The house has an underground foundation so that the house could be easily connected to the gas, electric, and waterlines of the main house, which makes everything easier from a permits and planning perspective.

Cutting down on the number of permits and registrations required to build a new house on his property was one of the motivators for Bob's decision to build a container home in the first place, though it was also inspired by his wife’s tiny and alternative living space ideas that she saw on Pinterest.

Because each container was already built out, the construction was cheaper than if Bob were building a new home from scratch. The containers cost $150,000, paid in three installments. Although the container build was already set, they were able to personalize them through painting, furnishing, and decor.

The build-out between the containers cost more money than anticipated and came out at $40,000, but at under $200,000, the total price tag for this beautiful guest house is much less than a traditional build. In addition to being cheaper, the project is also cheaper to maintain than a “regular” home.

2 x 20ft shipping container home

This luxurious shipping container home shows that sometimes alternative living spaces can be beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

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