This Ready-Made 53-Ft Shipping Container Home Can Be Plunked Anywhere

by Simplify

This 53-foot shipping container home is a Plunk Pod, meaning that it comes ready-built by Northern Shield and can be plunked down anywhere. The house comes already fitted with appliances; the Northern Shield team comes and installs it, and does finishing touches so it’s ready within a day.

Building a home out of shipping containers

They also offer two different models, which can hook up to any grid or utilities, including septic tanks or water and sewage systems for those who want a flushing toilet. Alternatively, they can also outfit the home for it to function completely off the grid, with solar panels and a compost or incinerator toilet.

The model in this video is a one-bedroom home built in a repurposed shipping container. The nature of being in a shipping container is that it has high ceilings and a narrow space, and that is reflected in the design.

The house has a living room designed for two, a large TV, and some dining space that doubles as counter space and can also be used as a workspace, thanks to outlets for charging electronic devices.

There is a split system for cooling and heating the home, as well as an electric fireplace that creates a cozy feeling.

The home has a front and a back door, and when both are open it creates a cross-breeze. The patio-style picture window door across from the kitchen adds openness and airflow, though it can also be hooked up to an adjoining Plunk Pod if the homeowners want to expand their living space, or be hooked up to a deck to add some outdoor space to the unit.

53 ft shipping container home

This shipping container home shows that ready-made home units can be a great way to achieve tiny home living, with professional design and attention to detail that makes every space count.

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