This Beautiful 3 X 20ft Shipping Container Home Runs on Solar Power

by Simplify

When most people look at a cold, metal shipping container, one of the last things on their mind is living in it. But that’s exactly what Richard and Amy decided to do, proving that creating a 20ft shipping container home isn’t only possible, it’s quite ingenious. And they’re happy to show you how 3 x 20ft shipping containers turned into an amazing compact home for their family actually turned out to be.

The home is made from shipping containers

Driven by a desire to keep a low debt level, go on lots of holidays, and travel overseas to visit family in England as often as possible, Richard and Amy realized they could easily build a home to meet their needs and enjoy a simple lifestyle.

While brainstorming the many possibilities for inside shipping container homes, Richard and Amy decided they really wanted to create separation between rooms. And by carefully selecting furniture and decor, they were able to maximize both space and storage throughout their shipping container home’s interior while still ensuring that their home was aesthetically pleasing both inside and out.

Speaking of outside, they chose to stagger the shipping containers to get the best passive solar design. Plus, they decided to use interlock cladding for the exterior of their shipping container tiny home because it’s low maintenance and easy to install.

Furthermore, it provides a barrier to increase airflow around their 20ft shipping container home, and they were able to add a layer of insulation in order to meet the required energy star ratings in their area.

20ft shipping container home

Even with the additional features they installed, like solar panels and a rainwater collection system, the cost of a shipping container home was well within their budget. And they couldn’t be happier with their choice to live in a 20ft shipping container home of their own.

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