He Bought an Affordable Tiny House to Live Rent- and Mortgage-Free

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Colter’s affordable tiny house, based in Montana, is allowing him to pursue his dream of owning his own piece of land and his own home, without having to service a mortgage that is beyond his means.

In this video, Colter gives tips on how to build an affordable tiny house and provides a tour of his home:

The entire home cost Colter only $25,000. It measures 194 square feet and was built by Holy Ground Real Estate, with some upgrades and customizations that Colter opted for to suit his lifestyle and needs.

The home’s exterior and interior are made of blue pine wood to give it a cozy cabin feel. Black accents throughout the home complete the look and give the design a cohesive feel.

There is limited counter space because Colter chooses to use part of the space as a dish drying rack; he also has a large sink in order to be able to comfortably wash the dishes. His air fryer acts as a replacement for a stove/oven/microwave, which saves him space while allowing him to cook.

Colter slightly modified the build by bringing down the loft floor by 2 feet, over the bathroom, so that he has room to sit and can almost stand when he is in the loft. This means that the bathroom has a slightly lower ceiling, but for Colter it’s worth it -and he still can stand in the bathroom and not bump his head.

The lounge area has bean bags and a TV, and a cubic mini wood stove provides plenty of heating in the winter, while adding to the cozy cabin feel.

For Colter, his tiny home is part of a financial path to home ownership

For Colter, his tiny home is part of a financial path to securing more traditional home ownership: Colter realized that instead of putting his money into rent and trying to save for a piece of land and a house, he could put his home into a tiny home, which is an asset he can later sell or rent out.

Meanwhile, he could take advantage of tiny home living, which is more affordable, to save for a piece of land. Once he has land, he can live in his tiny home while saving money for a more traditional house, and then sell or rent out the tiny home, allowing him to cash in and make a profit on his purchase.

Colter did a lot of thinking before buying the tiny home: He made lists of all the different activities he wanted to do in the house at different points, and went through designs and redesigns based on those lists. He believes that the planning he did helped him to come up with a house that truly fits his needs.

Affordable tiny house

All of Colter’s thinking truly paid off: He has managed to create a beautiful tiny home on a tiny budget, that is uniquely suited to all of his needs.

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  • Patricia Patricia on Sep 27, 2022

    Hi 👋😊 This is Patricia from Maryland. I live in a 600 sq. foot apt.. I found this article very 🙂 nice an interesting. Then I looked at more tiny 🏠 homes on the other site suggested. Would love to be able to live in a tiny 🏠 but not sure. Sure would save rent 💰 money. Thanks for posting this and good luck.