How She's Enjoying Debt-Free Living in a Tiny House

by Simplify

Financial freedom is on everyone’s mind these days. But it can seem next to impossible with rising prices everywhere you turn. This is especially true with the housing market, where many families are priced out of their dream neighborhoods simply because of appreciation while more affordable homes in lower-cost-of-living areas still strap you with an overabundance of debt.

That’s why more homeowners are intentionally opting to build debt-free tiny houses nowadays instead of going the more traditional route to home ownership.

Here's the tour from Living Big in a Tiny House:

Bethan is one such woman who decided that financing a tiny house was the right solution for her. With her rent going up and an inability to take out a mortgage—even with two jobs—Bethan started thinking about her love for camping and her desire to live more sustainably.

So she headed to an expo and started making a plan to pull off some tiny house financing of her own.

Now that her project is complete, her financial freedom tiny house dream has been realized. And what a dream it is.

Getting rid of debt

Her debt-free tiny house is stunning. With an all-black exterior and a metal roof, this house is just plain gorgeous. And she has a huge wooden deck out front to enjoy outdoor living all year round.

Another noticeable benefit to living this way is that her home is entirely off-grid. Solar panels convert energy from the sun to power her home, and she’s still amazed by just how easy it is to turn on lights or heat the space. She also uses a gray water system and a composting toilet to reduce her footprint.

Stepping inside, Bethan’s debt-free tiny house doesn’t look all that tiny at all. It has high ceilings, fresh neutral colors throughout, and lots of natural light that make the space bright and airy.

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