Studio Apartment Organization Tour: How I Organize My Small Apartment

Welcome to my studio apartment organization tour. I'll show you how I organize my tiny 400 square foot apartment. It fits my lifestyle and makes everything easy to find.

Organized drawer

1. Bedroom organization

My bedroom actually starts in my living room, where my dresser sits behind my bed.

2. Dresser drawers

My underwear, socks, and camis are in the top left drawer.

Organized drawer

In the drawer just below, I contain my pajamas with my tops on the left and bottoms on the right.

Organized drawer

In the bottom drawer, I contain my sweaters, including my ugly Christmas sweater, which I have had for several years, which my daughter and our friends will borrow because it typically wins ugly Christmas sweater contests.

Just behind, I store some Christmas slippers to coordinate appropriately.

Organized drawers

In the top middle drawer, I contain my bras along with some clothing accessories, including some fashion tape, a lint brush, an old toothbrush to clean the lint brush, and some safety pins.

Organized drawers

In the drawer just below, I contain my workout clothes with this hooded jacket back here, two shirts, two tank tops, and four sets of leggings with my thicker ones in the back for colder days and three regular ones in the middle and some biker shorts in the front.

Organized drawers

In the bottom drawer, I have a hat and some scarves.

My black scarf should be in here, but I think my daughter has it.

Organized drawers

3. Nightstand

Moving on to my nightstand, I have an essential oil diffuser here on top, and my oil stored in the drawer below.

I also keep the current book I might be reading on top, along with a coaster and this tray I made. Within the drawer, I store a book light, a face massager, and an eyeglass cleaner on this side. Above that, I store my foundation. Next to that, I have three backup mascaras. I know it's a lot, but that's what happens when you get mascara from Costco.

Next to those, I have these hideous glasses which help to cancel blue light, which you wear a few hours before bed so you can sleep better at night. I am actually sleeping much better, so I don't think I will need these anymore in this organizer.

I keep my makeup sponges, this mascara wand replacement cushion, and some special occasion makeup like this powder concealer, a translucent powder, a highlighter, and a red lipstick.

In this section, I store an eye patch. It's a long story, but sometimes I have to wear it for eye pain. With the eye patch, I store an eyeglass cleaning cloth along with this eyeglass cleaner spray bottle.

I store my phone supplies in this section, including earbuds, a charger, and a phone stand. With my essential oils, I store some eye drops and lip balm.

4. Bedroom closet

I share how I set up this closet super inexpensively in my full studio apartment tour video.

Bedroom closet

Here is a close-up of my shoes, starting with my sneakers, including these white pumas, Nikes back here, and some boots.

These are my only pair of boots.

In the other bin, I have some black heels, tan heels, black loafers, tan loafers, black heels, burgundy heels, these green slides, mob slides, and black sandals. If you're thinking these need some serious cleaning, I agree.

Next to that, I store my purses, starting with a backpack here, a blush pink purse, a tan crossbody bag, this handbag, and this tote.

Next to the bin, I store my briefcase. Last but not least, I have my current purse I am using.

Closet rack

5. Closet rack

Going back up to the closet rack, I wanted to show you how I store my empty hangers. I have always stored empty hangers at the end of my closet. It makes it easy to grab them all at once on laundry day.

6. Under bed

Because my apartment is so tiny and I have no garage or shed, I needed to utilize the area under my bed for storage. I store my tripod and lighting kit at the end of my bed.

Underneath the side of the bed where my light stands, I have a microwave under the bed. I just place it there for now until I give it away since I replaced it with a toaster oven.

Under bed storage

On this side of the bed, I store a hand truck.

It's like a dolly, but it is adjustable, so it's super helpful for lugging heavy things from the car to inside the house. Next to the hand truck, I store my tools in a box. I have painting supplies, my toolbox, other tools, paint, spackle, and other mediums.

This box is the perfect size to fit under my bed. The reason why I can fit everything under my bed is because I place these risers underneath.

Studio apartment organization

Studio apartment organization can be tricky, but it can be done. Do you have any tips to share for organizing your studio apartment?

Comment below with your tips and hacks for keeping your small space organized.

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