Take a Look Inside This Cute Teardrop Camper Trailer

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For Valerie and Jessi, selling their three-bedroom house in San Francisco and becoming minimalist nomads living inside a teardrop camper trailer became a dream.

The experience of living in a small teardrop camper changed their outlook on life in many ways. They were inspired to move into a teardrop camper so they could live on less while still reaching their goals and discovering happiness in an unconventional way.

Teardrop camper trailer

They chose a teardrop camper over a tiny house so they could stay mobile and explore the country by pulling it with their truck. The tiny camper also had everything they wanted and needed, such as a kitchen, bathroom, king-sized bed, living room, and desk.

The couple loves the details in the camper, including the heating system that keeps it toasty warm, the pull-shut screens on the windows and doors, and the enormous amount of storage they have under the seats and lining the walls of the camper’s interior.

Without a mortgage, they’ve dramatically cut their expenses. Their biggest cost? Campground fees when they stay in RV parks or state campgrounds. There can be unexpected costs. Campground internet connections are not usually strong enough most of the time so they had to spring for a Verizon Jetpack for better internet.

They’re not without challenges living in a teardrop. Both are tall and they hit their heads daily, and converting the living room into a bedroom at night isn’t always fun.

Another challenge: planning their route. They’ve chosen places to visit based on warmth and good weather, neither of which works out all the time.

Inside a teardrop camper

But they wouldn’t change a thing. They love the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle because they live with what matters most to them. The duo hopes to inspire anyone thinking of adopting this lifestyle. Are you thinking of living in a tiny camper or a tiny house?

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