Why This Gulf War Veteran Chose to Embrace Solo Female Van Life

by Simplify

YouTube sensation Stephanie, from Orbit Stephanie, is a content creator in the solo female van life space, and she’s proud of the lifestyle she’s created.

Not only does Stephanie live in a camper van part time, but she also helps others gain the confidence they need to take the plunge and learn how to live in a camper van anywhere in the world.

Van life

As a Gulf War veteran who now works for the federal government, regularly deploying to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, Stephanie has quite the backstory.

So, it makes perfect sense how she became a female solo van life devotee in her own right, tapping into the bravery and tenacity that comes naturally to her.

Incredibly, the van life tour of a solo female traveler that she provides is pretty similar to others, with one noticeable twist.

While she points out the cozy kitchen space that’s easy to keep clean and organized, the functionality of the dining space that she uses to eat and work, and the dedicated sleeping area that expands when the camper top is put up, she also points out how the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for her because it taught her how to appreciate her home on wheels even more and the beautiful country it’s currently located in.

Additionally, Stephanie shows viewers her bathroom, including the unique way she showers in order to conserve water, and her long seating area that even accommodates guests.

As an actively involved grandmother, this works well for entertaining her grandchildren and children while stationed outside their own homes.

Lastly, Stepanie points out the cockpit, the most important area for solo females living the van life, since it allows her to travel, use the backup camera for safety, visit with others, and swivel the seats around to play cards.

Solo female van life

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  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Nov 20, 2022

    Thank you for your service and stay safe❤️

  • E.j. E.j. on Nov 30, 2022

    You are an incredible individual. Thank you for all you do and keep it up. You are so inspirational - peace and love. ♥️