This Interior Designer Lives in a Cute Tiny Garage House

by Simplify

Denise Bayron, a designer who lives and works in a tiny garage house measuring only 280 square feet, is a great example of how anyone can create a beautiful home—regardless of its size.

According to her, you can convert a garage into a tiny house, share property with neighbors who look out for each other, and live a simpler lifestyle at the very same time.

Tiny garage house

Denise’s tiny garage house is located in Oakland, California, and it’s technically an ADU, or an accessory dwelling unit, as it was built on the footprint of the original garage that was located there.

The average home price in her area is around two million dollars, so by renting this tiny garage house, she’s able to save a significant amount of money. Plus, it allows her to focus more on her knitting and macrame business and travel the world teaching her craft to others.

Her tiny house tour begins with a walk through her outdoor garden which is a wide open space with a lot of privacy, cozy outdoor furniture, a smokeless fire pit, and lots of greenery.

And once you step inside of a tiny house like hers, the view is just as impressive. Denise’s tiny garage house does not resemble any old garage at all. Instead, she has organized her limited space into zones: a sleeping nook, a lounge space, a work area, and a sewing table.

Plus, no inside of a tiny house is complete without architectural features that make it feel homey. For Denise, those include skylights and internal windows that let light flow throughout the home, giving it the feeling of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle that she craves.

Tiny garage house

Every day living and working in her tiny garage house feels like a ritual, according to Denise, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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