How She Turned a Triple Axle Trailer Into a Lux Tiny Home

by Simplify

Creating lux tiny homes is a creative challenge. After her divorce, Shelly decided to make some life changes. She became inspired by YouTube videos featuring tiny homes. She bought a plot of land and created a tiny, luxurious home.

Triple axle trailer

She ordered her tiny home and made some customizations to fit her needs. The triple axle bohemian-style trailer home is 36 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. She extended the space outdoors with a deck. She paid a total of $137,000.

The home features a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and two loft areas. She converted one of the loft areas into a storage space and the other serves as a guest room. The stairs going up to the loft double as storage.

The kitchen is equipped with a stainless-steel sink, a small oven, and a retro-style refrigerator. She opted for butcher block counters that paired well with the design of the space.

A slide-out pantry provides easy access and plenty of space. A slide-out ladder provides access to the space when needed, and tucks neatly into the wall when it’s not in use. The bathroom and bedroom doors also slide in and out to save space.

In her bedroom, Shelly opted to have one closet instead of the two that were offered. Instead, she put her bed on hinges to create storage beneath the mattress. The bathroom in the original design was small so Shelly took space out of the bedroom to extend the bathroom.

Lux tiny home

Moving to a tiny home helped Shelly get organized and declutter down to the essentials. Instead of renting and spending money she’d never get back she invested in property and a tiny home. She plans on building a larger home on the property and selling or renting out her tiny home.

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