How They Turned a 4x4 Snow Plow Into an Overland Tiny Home

by Simplify

When people start to imagine building a tiny house of their own, it’s pretty unlikely that a 4x4 snow plow is one of the first options that pops into mind.

But a 4x4 snow plow is exactly what was used to build the tiny house on wheels owned by Ray and Trevor. And while they claim that it’s a pretty big commitment to live the way they do, it certainly doesn’t seem like they’d have it any other way.

Snow plow

While the exterior of their home is very cool and industrial looking, the interior of this tiny house on wheels is much cozier than it would appear.

With modern wallpaper, a retro-looking wood stove that was custom-built out of an old propane tank, and Spanish red cedar floors with green epoxy accents, their home is both stylish and functional for traveling anywhere, including Alaska.

Learning how to build a tiny house on wheels, for this couple, was largely a matter of selecting the right materials and products to complement their nomadic lifestyle and allow them to make the most of their freedom.

From the hanging hammock chair to the reclaimed mahogany countertops, Ray and Trevor had a clear vision of what they wanted in a home, even if that home was built inside a snow plow truck.

Plus, they were very intentional about the amount of storage they would have as well as the heat sources and water tanks inside their home so they could be completely self-sustainable without any issues.

4x4 snow plow tiny home

Built into their 4x4 snow plow, they also enjoy a queen size bed, a swiveling tv, a skylight, and a split unit AC run by solar panels on the roof.

Lastly, they have an entirely water-tight bathroom perfect for showering out in the open and a compostable toilet.

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