Take a Tour of This Off-Grid Prospector Tent Home in Canada

by Simplify

Are you looking for a getaway that actually gets you away from everything? Danielle, from Exploring Alternatives, tours a prospector tent that you have to hike for two-and-a-half miles to get to. The prospector-style tent is totally off-grid. Curious about what it looks like inside? Join us on the tour!

The inside of the prospector tent has four quarters or sections to it: the dining area, the kitchen, the sleeping area, and the wood stove and hangout area. The wood stove is large for a small tent.

Additionally, the tent is insulated well with a double layer of canvas and solid windows and doors, with additional pull-down coverings. The stove can keep the prospector-style tent warm on freezing days.

The kitchen area is small and not used for cooking much. A gas stove can’t be used safely inside a small prospector tent; instead, there is a barbeque grill outside. There is also no running water, and all water needs to be carried in or melted from the snow.

The kitchen does have a small propane refrigerator, but it’s disconnected in the winter, since a cooler, placed outside in the freezing temperatures, does the trick just as well. There is also a rotating candle holder to light the counter.

Wood stove

Actually, there is only a single energy light in the entire bunk, powered by a solar panel. The rest of the lighting comes from the windows, the wood stove, and the rotating candle holder.

The sleeping quarter efficiently utilizes space with a cascading bunk bed. There is a top bunk, a middle bunk, and a double bed on the bottom. Each bed has a window next to it.

One of the inconveniences of living off-grid is that there is no bathroom on site in the prospector tent. The outhouse is outside the tent, and when it’s freezing out, that can be a challenge.

Off-grid prospector tent

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a tent off-grid, you can snowshoe out to this rural prospector tent. It’s very basic, but it’s cozy, warm, and surrounded by nature. Would you live in a tent like this? Let us know in the comments.

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