How Living the Van Life Helps This Couple Pursue Their Passions

by Simplify

Jess and Josh are a married couple who love to show other people what living the van life is all about. Traveling around the country full time in their souped-up 2019 Ford Transit, they make living van life look easy, and they really enjoy doing it as well.

What started as a way for the couple to spend more time together while Josh travels between jobs as an audio mixer in the film industry, has now evolved into their normal, day-to-day lifestyle.

Living the van life

Unlike others who document living the van life on Youtube, Jess spends her days auditioning for acting roles, working as a freelance content creator, and documenting their journey on her Instagram account called Rolling Through Life while Josh is on set.

For them, van life makes pursuing their career aspirations manageable, keeps their bills affordable, and they even get to travel with their favorite companion—their dog Tilly.

And the good news is that interior van life is just as comfortable for them as the traveling part of van life is exciting. In fact, the interior decor, furniture, and amenities they have in their van are much nicer than one might think.

With architectural accents like shiplap, a white tiled backsplash, and gorgeous wooden countertops, the inside of Jess and Josh’s van is really pretty to look at. Plus, it’s really functional with the storage options they had the van fitted with, the flat-screen tv they mounted to the wall, and the Acuva water filter they had installed under their sink.

Another important feature they enjoy is their battery bank with 615 amp hours of lithium battery life.

Living the van life

For these two, living the van life means cooking most of their meals together, showering at Planet Fitness centers along the way, and not having to spend months apart from one another.

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