Why They've Been Living in a Vintage Scamp Trailer For 6+ Years

by Simplify

Elsa and Baron have been living nomadically in a vintage Scamp trailer for over six years now. Wanting to escape rent payments, they decided that living in their Scamp travel trailer full time was the most economical way to save and be able to afford their own home someday.

The Scamp trailer interior is quite small, but they do have enough room for a small memory foam bed that has storage underneath. Elsa also put up curtains years that prevent cold air from coming in during the winter and the hot summer sun from beaming down on them.

Living in a trailer

The Scamp trailer is too small, however, to do the majority of their cooking inside. According to Elsa, not only is the space limited, but they also don’t like to trap all of the various cooking smells in such a tight space. But they do have cabinets and bins to store produce and dry goods as well as a pantry.

Elsa’s best tips for maximizing storage in a small space, like the one they have in their vintage Scamp trailer, is to get rid of anything you don’t actually need and to keep similar items together.

They also have a water filter since they typically get their drinking water from a nearby creek. Plus, they have a wood stove that keeps them warm. They do have to wake up several times a night to stoke it, unfortunately.

If that were not enough, they moved their vintage Scamp trailer onto newly purchased land and built a micro shipping container into a studio space with a table and chairs for their painting and metal smithing hobbies.

Vintage Scamp trailer

Their vintage Scamp trailer only cost them $3700, and besides the cost of groceries and gas, they are able to save a lot of what they make and put it into savings.

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