The 10 Best RV Gadgets From Etrailer for Under $50

Are you looking for some cool camping and RV gadgets? We’ll show you 10 RV gadgets that are all under $50. These 10 must-have gadgets are mostly for safety and security. They’re all from, one of our favorite places for the best RV gadgets and accessories. Let’s get started!

Solar-powered light for RVs

1. Solar-powered light

This is the ATAK Solar Motion Light. It’s a very bright light that goes above your RV door. It is charged after about 8-10 hours of sunlight and is great for security around your RV. It installs quickly and easily in minutes. There’s a self-adhesive label on the back that lets you stick it up wherever you need it.

Mosquito killer for RVs

Mosquito lantern for RVs

2. Mosquito lantern

The ATAK Mosquito Zapper and Lantern is rechargeable, hangs, and it’s waterproof. It gives you 500 volts to zap those bugs.

Windshield cover for RVs

Placing the flaps inside the vehicle door

3. Windshield cover

This etrailer 2-in-1 Exterior Windshield and Wiper Blade Cover protects your vehicle from the sun. But it also protects it from snow and your wiper blades won’t get iced. There’s a special security feature that allows you to place the flaps inside your vehicle door so it acts like a theft deterrent.

Infrared thermometer

4. Infrared thermometer

This Infrared Thermometer can check the temperature on all kinds of things, such as brakes and tires.

5th Wheel King Pin Lock

Using a wheel lock for RVs

5. Wheel lock

This is the 5th Wheel King Pin Lock. This is great for extra peace of mind. It secures your RV when you are away to help deter a potential thief.

RV mini party lights

6. RV mini party lights

These Camco Party Lights are the cutest lights, so you can be festive year round while living in your RV. They are colorful retro motor homes.

Cable lock for RVs

7. Cable lock

The etrailer Cable Lock is 10 feet long. It’s great for securing items around your campsite, like a grill or a chair.

Smart level for RVs

8. Smart level

The Hopkins Electronic LED Smart Level is an auto-leveling system for RVs and trailers. It attaches to the side of your RV. We attached ours to the inside of one of our outdoor compartments. It has a swivel on it so you can get front-to-back and side-to-side leveling.

If the battery ever goes out, it has a bubble on it so you always have a way to double-check your levels or it can assist you with your primary way of leveling your RV.

Solar lantern for RVs

9. Solar lantern

The Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Lantern is collapsible and it has a little handle. It has three different lighting levels–a bright, a medium, and a low that looks almost like a flickering candle.

Waterproof bag for RV gadgets

10. Waterproof bag

This etrailer waterproof accessories bag is great to hold all your gadgets. 

The best RV gadgets from etrailer

We love etrailer. If you call them, you’ll reach actual people to help you with your order, and they are also product experts. They have all kinds of great products for outdoor enthusiasts and campers.

Which one of these cool products is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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