See Inside This Unique & Elegant Tiny Home RV

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This tiny home RV is uniquely elegant. Leshaun, a musician and photographer, got the bug for living tiny while on tour with her music. That’s where she learned she could live in a small space and feel at home.

Coming in under budget on the purchase price gave her flexibility to gut the home and customize the space. Renovations took 6 months. She did most of the work herself.

When you enter the home you are welcomed into her lounge area. The bay windows provide an abundance of light. 3D textured walls enhance the Midcentury Modern design scheme. A faux fireplace gives off great heat while also adding a nice homey feel. The window shades are insulating.

Past the living room is the dining area, and through that is the office space. Across from the office space is the kitchen. The stainless-steel backsplash with copper tiles compliments the design on the rest of the home.

The kitchen has a big sink which came with a matching cutting board and drying rack. When they were making her countertop she had them put in an extra piece that slides over the sink to provide more countertop space when needed. A pullout island on wheels adds even more counter space.

Tiny home RV

In the bedroom, the bed has a regal-looking headboard that she made herself. Opposite the bed are some lightweight dressers. She gutted the original closets to create low closet space with a deep shelf on top. Mirrors along the top of the cabinets really open up the space.

Tiny home RV

The décor and attention to detail in the design make this tiny home massively luxurious. Leshaun’s fingerprint is felt throughout the space. She loves living tiny and renovating this RV gave her the freedom to create the perfect home without breaking the bank.

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