Take a Look Inside This Quirky 1950s Double-Decker Bus Home

by Simplify

Whit is a tiny house designer. He has three tiny houses that he’s designed himself and rents out as AirBnbs. The revenue stream from his tiny houses let him live an on-the-go lifestyle.

Royal Scott is Whit’s most recent addition. Unlike Whit’s other tiny houses, the Royal Scott is a 1950’s double-decker bus tiny home. It is 25 feet long and 13 feet tall. Come tour this double-decker bus turned into a home with Whit.

Double-decker bus

Because Whit is fairly tall, and the ceilings of the bus were short originally, Whit removed the second floor from above the kitchen and raised the ceiling above the bathroom, so he could stand up there. He also lowered the deck, so he could enter without having to stoop.

The kitchen has an Ikea countertop and custom cabinetry, hiding the wheel bump, which is right underneath. On the other side of the kitchen, the wheel bump is hidden by a cozy reading nook.

The double-decker bus home has lots of windows. It also has whimsical artwork that was already there when Whit bought it. Whit’s goal was to keep the whimsy of the space while making it more high-end and livable, a style he calls whimsical posh.

Whit also retained the bus’s bar space but added some relaxing chairs to the dining space. He redid the flooring using durable click-in vinyl pieces.

The double-decker bus home’s bathroom features “the world’s tiniest sink,” a small sink product from Amazon. It also features a composting toilet, a sliding door, and some retro electrical switches. The switches aren’t hooked up to anything currently, but Whit eventually hopes to add some bathroom spotlights.

Since this tiny home is double decker, the bedroom is upstairs, above the bathroom and cab. The ceiling is curved, so White had to add some decorative cedar plank blocks to cover any seams where the wood wouldn’t bend into. He also put recessed lights, which are great for a shallow ceiling.

Double-decker bus home

Whit’s tiny house hobby lets him live life on the go. Would you live in a double-decker bus? Drop a comment and let us know.

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