Inside a Wicked Campers Van: What's It Like Staying in a Van?

That Hippie Family
by That Hippie Family

Chad and I decided to rent a Wicked Campers van. Wicked Campers’ vans are custom painted and really cool looking. Renting a van from Wicked Campers was the perfect way to visit our families during Covid.

We wanted to make sure that our families felt comfortable with us coming to visit during the pandemic. With the camper van, we were able to travel to everyone. Since we could sleep, and cook in the van, we were able to visit and not be in anybody's way.

Wicker Camper van

I want to give you a tour of this bad boy. The van is a Chevy Astro van. It has a little bit more head space than a typical Dodge Caravan. It’s pretty basic inside, but you’ve got everything you need.

Sleeping in the van

The body of the van functions as either a dining area or a kitchen depending on which mode you’re in. In bed mode, it comes with a three-part cushion. We brought our own blankets and pillows because Wicked Campers just provided the mattress padding. It's a very cozy bed. Every night we went to bed in here, we fell asleep instantly. I love this van so much.

Storage at the back of the van

In the back of the van, there’s a kitchen. Wicked Campers provides a cooler. They also provide a barbecue so you can cook. They supply the van with some dishes as well. There’s a sink with a little pump. It comes with a jug of water and you're able to pump it right up into the path and then it drains right underneath the van.

Changing the bed to a dining area

To change the main part of the van from bed mode to dining area mode we dismantle the bed. Then we just put the table together which is super easy. The table slides so you can move it to wherever it's most comfortable for you. This is a really versatile space.

Sexy Wicked Campers van

When you rent a Wicked Campers van, you get two options on paint jobs, modest or sexy. Of course, we chose sexy. What’s fun is that you have no idea what your van is going to look like until you pick it up.


We rented the van from Calgary. We drove to Calgary, dropped off our Jeep, and picked up the van. We had it for a week. It cost us $900 Canadian to have unlimited mileage and roadside assistance. I think that's a solid deal. And let's be real. It’s super sexy.


We drove to Edmonton for two nights. We also went to Saskatoon for two nights. Then we went to Waterton National Park to see my dad for one night. After that, we went to Fernie for two nights to see my cousin. We were on tour.

Ukrainian Easter egg

We had a wonderful time in Edmonton visiting my mom, my brother, and the rest of my family. After that, on our way to Saskatoon, we had to stop and check out the giant Ukrainian Easter egg.


We drove to Lloydminster, known as the border city, right between Alberta and Saskatoon. We surprised all our nieces and nephews and Chad's parents. They had no idea we were coming. It was super exciting.

Crowsnest Pass

Before we went to Waterton we stopped in Whispering Valley to see my dad. On our way to Fernie, we stopped at the historic site of Crowsnest Pass.

On August 29, 1903, in the town of Frank in southern Alberta, the whole front side of Turtle Mountain became a massive rockslide. 80,000 tons of rock fell from the mountain and covered the town of Frank. Now, all that's left is the rubble from the mountain. In a matter of seconds, at a speed of 120 km an hour, all that rock fell and killed everybody underneath it.


Wicked Campers van tour

One day while we were driving, I saw somebody drive by slowly and read the back of the van. As she passed she got this huge smile on her face. That was the best part of this van. We made people smile everywhere we went. I loved camping in this Wicked Vans camper. I would rent one again for sure.

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  • Walt Walt on Oct 16, 2022

    I just love the concept of van camping. So much less expensive in all ways than

    using a travel trailer or a larger motor home. My granddaughter in getting married next month and I think I'll throw the idea at them.