A Full Face of Only Dollar Tree Makeup Products

Today I'm going to do a full face of makeup that I purchased from Dollar Tree. Last week I got all brand new Dollar Tree makeup, so I'm going to use the majority of those products along with some other goods I got from previous Dollar Tree hauls. I’ll also be using Dollar Tree makeup brushes.

L.A. Colors brow pencil and brush from Dollar Tree

Eyebrow makeup

I went to my local Dollar Tree and got this L.A. Colors brow pencil, and I very lightly filled my brows in.

Filling in brows

I don't outline them because I don't want them to look even thicker. Then, I use the brush side to blend in the product.

L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette from Dollar Tree


For eyeshadow, I'm going to go with a quad palette in the shade Rose by L.A. Colors. We have two mattes on the left side and two shimmers on the right side in the palette. I'm going to build the crease with the lightest matte shade and then fill it in with the remaining matte shade directly below it in the palette.

Dollar Tree eye makeup

The first shade (the lightest of the palette) doesn't show up as much, whereas the darker brown matte shade has a lot more pigment than I thought, so go in with a light hand.

Next, I'm going to go in with the lighter shimmer shade all over the lid. I bet if I were to wet this or use a better eyeshadow brush it would look really pretty. It's a nice shimmer. 

For the outer corner, I'm going to use the darker shimmer shade. I'm impressed with the shade. It shows up very well and is very easy to blend.  

e.l.f. eyelashes from Dollar Tree

False eyelashes

Let's skip the eyeliner today and go in with these e.l.f. eyelashes, which come with tweezers for application.

The Dollar Tree lashes are more on the natural side, and I think they're very pretty.

Ioni lash glue from Dollar Tree

For glue, I'm going to use Ioni lash glue.

Eyelash applicator vs tweezers

I am not a fan of this tweezer because it doesn't open that well, so it was hard to put them on. I just went in with my lash applicator.

Hard Candy color-correcting primer from Dollar Tree


For a face primer, I'm going to go with the Hard Candy color-correcting primer.

Applying primer

What I noticed is you have to blend it in really fast because otherwise, the green in it hardens up, and that does not look cute. 

e.l.f. Cover Everything concealer from Dollar Tree


I'm going to go with e.l.f. Cover Everything concealer in the shade Light. I don't know if it's my shade or not since they only have light and dark. So we will see how this works. 

Applying concealer with fingers

I'm going to use my finger for this part because I don't have a proper brush. It's very creamy. It feels very lightweight.

Blending with a dual-sided silicone blender from Dollar Tree


I'm going to go in with a dual-sided silicone blender for my concealer and foundation. It feels big and padded but it is blending out well so far.

e.l.f. foundation from Dollar Tree


I got the e.l.f. foundation in the shades Tan and Sand. Those are the only two colors that they had, and I have no idea what they look like. I'm going to try the shade Sand first to see how that works.

Blending foundation with a sponge

This is doing an okay job but it’s not necessarily my shade. It kind of looks a little yellowish. When I use the tan shade it looks too dark. I think if I mix them, it wouldn't be as horrible. I would recommend this.

Kabuki brush from Dollar Tree

Kabuki brush

I got a kabuki brush from Drew Barrymore's makeup line. I'm going to use this to apply my bronzer and my blush. I know this isn't the right tool, but I'm just working with what I have here.

Wet n Wild bronzer from Dollar Tree


I’m using Wet n Wild bronzer in the shade What Shady Beaches.

Using a kabuki brush to apply bronzer

I'm going to go with a very light hand. Not bad. This is a nice and soft brush. I really can't believe that it's a dollar. I feel like Dollar Trees are getting better and better.

L.A. Colors blush from Dollar Tree


For blush, I'm going with the L.A. Colors and the shade Berry Plump. It’s really pretty, and it does last a while and gives a nice color to the skin. 

Applying blush with a kabuki brush

Normally I wouldn't apply very much product but I have a huge brush, which is intensifying the look.

e.l.f. jelly highlighter from Dollar Tree


This is the e.l.f. jelly highlighter. 

Applying jelly highlighter with fingers

It's pretty dewy and glowy, not intense. It dries pretty fast. It's different from the powder highlighters I typically use. This is the first time using a jelly highlighter. I think it's really pretty. 

Lipsticks from Dollar Tree


These lip colors look gorgeous. This is a creamy formula, but it is a matte lipstick that's not drying. It's very soft and smooth on the lips.

Applying lipstick

My final thoughts on these are that I do like the formula and that it’s matte but also creamy on the lips. I feel like it's more of a lip tint rather than lipstick.

L.A. Colors plump gloss from Dollar Tree

Lip gloss

Let's top off this lip shade with L.A. Colors plump gloss. 

Applying the plumping lip gloss

This legit burns and I know it's a plumping lip gloss, but it burns, so I don't know how to feel about that. 

Hard Candy loose powder from Dollar Tree

Finishing powder

I'm going to go in with Hard Candy loose powder. It does a good job of keeping your makeup on all day.

Applying finishing powder with a kabuki brush

I'm going to use my brush and just finish it off.

Hard Candy Hydrating Primer Mist from Dollar Tree

Setting spray

To finish off the look, I'm going to go with the Hard Candy Hydrating Primer Mist.

Spraying the mist on the face

To apply, I'm just going to spray it on my face and let it dry.

Dollar Tree makeup

Dollar Tree makeup

That’s it for today. A full face of Dollar Tree makeup and it looks great! You can find all the products I used at your local Dollar Tree. I’d skip the lip plumper because it burns. 

Do you use Dollar Tree makeup? Comment with your favorite product in the comment section below.

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  • I go to Dollar Tree a lot for crafting items, but never paid much attention to the make up or brushes! Looks great!

  • Robin Robin on Sep 06, 2023

    Trouble is…there’s no way to know how old that makeup is! And it’s going on MY FACE! No thanks! I’ll pass!!!