8 Simple Ideas For Self-Care on a Budget

Today we are going to talk about self-care on a budget. I won't give you those tips for pouring a glass of wine, lighting a candle, or taking a bubble bath. We've all heard those before. I have some unique self-care-on-a-budget tips I use at home that I wanted to share with you.

1. Wear makeup at home

The first tip is to put on makeup when you're at home. When you're at home, we often skip makeup, but we all know we have too much makeup.

It often goes bad, or we don't even know what we have. I recently decluttered my makeup and found that I had more than I even realized.

We go into the bathroom, and we see our reflection in the mirror, and sometimes it just makes us feel yucky because we're not at our best. We don't look our best because we're staying at home.

It's amazing what putting on that little makeup and catching your reflection does for your self-esteem. So I encourage you to do that and try that. Even if you're home by yourself, it doesn't matter.

2. Go out in nature

Step outside, make yourself a picnic at lunch and sit out in a sunbeam. Maybe read your favorite book outside. That's one of my favorite things to do on a sunny day.

Go for a walk, plant some flowers, and do some gardening. Nature is so good for our morale. It boosts us, and that vitamin D is so important. So I encourage you to go outside in nature. It can uplift your mood.

Reading a book

3. Borrow a book or share a TV subscription with a friend

When we're frugal, we often feel like we can't afford to buy a book, or in my case, we're not close to a library, and I don't want to pay for those downloads that you can do on your iPad. So I will borrow books.

Recently I was over at someone's house, and I borrowed one of their books that I've been wanting to read, and it kept me from having to buy one. So little things like that can make a difference in our day-to-day morale because it gives us something to look forward to.

I'm looking forward to reading that book at any free moment that I get.

4. Make a craft or do a hobby

Maybe you already have all this stuff at home, but you just haven't taken the time to get it out and do that hobby. You used to enjoy that hobby because you already have all of that stuff, but you never get around to it.

So please make a point of doing some of the things you already have at home that you used to enjoy and already have the crafts to do it.

Listening to music

5. Listen to music

I love to pull out music I listened to in high school while cleaning the house. It makes it so much more enjoyable. You can dance, sing, and remember all the words.

One of my favorites is Rick Springfield. I still listen to him. I have all his albums and love to clean the house listening to him. So pull out some of those favorites and put them on. They can improve your mood.

6. Do a little yoga or meditation

There are different types of yoga. My daughter specializes in one that helps relieve stress and pain. Some kinds have to do with exercise.

You can find almost anything you want on YouTube, so pull up a voice and a person you're comfortable with and try a little meditation to relax. Or try a little bit of yoga to relax. Doing exercise, again, boosts our self-esteem.

It decreases our stress and builds our confidence; it improves our memory, our concentration. There are so many benefits, not to mention the relaxation we feel.

Relaxation can sometimes seem like an unreachable commodity, but we can grab that and take it for ourselves. We deserve to do that.

Making a YouTube video

7. Listen to your favorite YouTuber

I have several of my favorites, and I will turn them on when they have a new video. I will declutter, do dishes, or listen to them while hanging things on the line. It gives me something to look forward to while doing my day-to-day tasks.

I feel like I'm pampering myself by getting that time with this special friend that I have made on YouTube. It also can combat loneliness if you're living alone or spending a lot of hours alone.

I didn't even know it existed until a few years ago, and now I don't know if I could live without it.

I look forward to the days that my favorite people post things. It can also inspire you and help you accomplish goals because it can get you fired up about something that maybe you have lost your fire.

Self-care on a budget

8. Make an itinerary of what your favorite, most ideal day would look like

What would it look like? Would it look like you get up in the morning and take a walk? Or do you get up in the morning and do some yoga? Or do you get up in the morning and make breakfast, have a coffee, or sit outside in the sun?

Make a list of what you would like your ideal day to look like, and then tell me why you can't do some of those things. We forget that we can make our day look like what we want.

We get busy, and we feel like those options are not there. We tend to think I'll have time when I retire, when it's summer, or when my kids are grown. We forget that we have the power to do it now.

Self-care on a budget

So don't put off those pampering, simple life things that you can enjoy. I hope that you have gathered some motivation to pamper yourself. In the comments below, let me know what self-care tips on a budget you use at home.

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