9 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

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by All The Frugal Ladies

If you have a hobby that takes up most of your spare time, you might as well make some money off it. Whether you’re a skilled photographer or write a popular blog, no matter what your passion, you can almost certainly turn it to your financial advantage.

Here’s a list of the most lucrative hobbies:


If you’ve been swinging a club since you were a kid, but never made it to the big leagues, then you can always teach golf.

There’s no shortage of clients and children who are eager to learn and you can end up charging a very lucrative rate if there’s enough demand.


Perhaps you hold a regular poker night with your friends and always end up with the biggest chip stack when it’s all over? If that’s the case, you could make a lot of money from online poker tournaments.

My boyfriend’s best friend also makes his money through online poker – of course, you have to be extremely skilled to get in the positive.

Most people actually lose their savings, so if you’re generally not doing well, quit before it’s too late.


Having a profitable blog takes long-term dedication. It takes a while until you see any money come in, but it’s far from impossible.

Establish a blog based on your knowledge, write great content and work on promoting it. Soon, you will pick up readers, get ranked for keywords, and pick up attention from sponsors.

You can also make money through affiliate commissions and ads. Every little bit helps!


Chances are, if you’re an amateur photographer then there are plenty of opportunities to make money.

If you create a portfolio online and do a little networking, you could find yourself with wedding and portrait offers, the most lucrative part of the amateur trade.

Writing and Editing

There’s rarely been a better time to be a writer. The internet is built on writing (and code, of course) so there are now more opportunities than ever.

If you’ve got talent you can get work as a freelancer writing for websites, magazines, or content-generating sites. Start building a portfolio by writing a blog and then approach the sort of businesses who might require writers.

Alternatively, there are sites where you can be hired for ghost writing and bid for jobs.

Dog Walker

People keep dogs for various reasons: safety and companionship tend to be the most common – and all these dogs need walking.

If you already own a dog and work irregular hours, you can do both at one go and devote your afternoon to dog-walking. If you’re committed to the dog business, you can even offer overnight dog-sitting.

Playing Guitar

If you’re proficient at guitar, you’ve got a couple of options. You can become an evening entertainer and play the bar and club circuit (on your own or in a band), but that leaves little freedom for your own creativity.

Alternatively, you can give guitar lessons – advertise on local community boards and online and make your rates competitive.


Though many would say baking is all about following a recipe to the tee, it’s far more creative a hobby than that.

Recently, home baking has undergone a renaissance of sorts. If you bake cakes, bread, and the like often and get complimented on your abilities, use your talent wisely.

You could create an Instagram account showing off the process-making. Or even create a baking blog and share your best recipes. Others have acquired stalls in small markets or catered events, which directly brings in revenue.


If you love to shop, why not live to shop? Becoming a personal shopper is like being part personal assistant, part fashion guru. It means you can visit the best stores and use your style knowledge to pick out the best outfits, all with someone else’s money.

If you have an eye for it, you can take it the Nasty Gal route and find great clothing for sale to sell on eBay or on a fashion site.

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