How To Organize An Inexpensive Family Reunion

by Lasehrman

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A family reunion can be a lot of fun. A US study has also shown many benefits of family gatherings, including strengthening bonds, celebrating milestones, connecting your kids with extended family, and creating positive memories. However, they are not trouble-free and may come with some challenges, including high costs. If you are tired of the old stuffy and uncomfortable family reunions, here are four frugal ideas to change the narrative for your next gathering.

  1. Simple and fun games

You have already done the impossible by bringing everybody together, so why not kick it up a notch with some fun games? Try to get everybody to participate in at least one game, even if it means sitting back, cheering, and enjoying the fun. A family album, the banana game, water balloon toss, or egg race are a few fun ones to consider. You can also hold a familiar trivia or charades where you come up with your own ideas to act out.

  1. Pick the right location

It is recommended to choose a location close to most of the family members if you are, let’s say, spread out across the United States. This can reduce the overall travel cost for the group. It would be best if you first determined what the family members do not want in terms of destination and activities and involved everybody in the decision-making process. For example, you want to take out the ranches if you have cousins who can’t stand horses or consider a home location if grandparents don’t enjoy connecting flights. However, take a chance and think outside the box.

  1. Food ideas

What is a family reunion without a recipe from the family cookbook? It can be difficult to feed a large group, and while many consider hiring catering services, it wouldn’t come cheap. Consequently, consider speaking with your family members and finding out what dish they might want to bring to the amazing potluck. There are a few food ideas to consider, such as hosting a feast of favorites where everybody shares something about their favorite dish and how to prepare them. You can also host a baking contest and offer rewards for the best cakes, cookies, and pies. You can consider this crockpot taco dip recipe to take your food ideas to the next level and leave everybody drooling for more.

  1. Timing

You want to avoid peak travel periods if you are concerned about spending. Schedule reunions for the slow travel periods and possibly avoid the weekends. You can contact the local travel authorities or chamber of commerce if you are unsure when the slow travel season begins. These resources can enable you to assess many invaluable travel patterns. It is also best to avoid planning your family reunion around popular travel holidays and weekends. If possible, go for the not-so-popular weekends or plan one that syncs with grandma’s or grandpa’s birthday during the week.

While the tips aren’t exhaustive, you are closer to having an eventful family gathering with these awesome reunion ideas. It could pass as one of the exciting reunions the entire family will relish for several years.

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