Micro Weddings: The Wedding of Your Dreams for Little to No Money

Do you want to plan the wedding of your dreams but don’t have a lot of money? Micro weddings might be for you!

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to plan your dream wedding on a budget.

We’ll cover things like what to wear, invitations, and decorations.

Micro Weddings

A micro wedding is a ceremony that takes place without the normal pomp and circumstance of an elaborate wedding. Micro weddings are often seen as elopements, but micro weddings can be different from elopements, depending on the couple’s wishes.

In micro weddings, there is no need for a big party or reception because you won’t be inviting many guests in the first place!

These celebrations are smaller ceremonies that focus on the relationship of the bride and groom rather than their guests. They were created because many couples have been wanting simpler ceremonies that would bring back the importance of family, friends, commitment, and love in a more intimate setting.

Plus, they are often cheaper alternatives to traditional large-scale marriages.

The average cost of an American wedding has been steadily rising over the past decade to about $27,000! That number may seem astronomical to people who aren’t used to spending money on extravagant things like this.

But for some people, that kind of money would be too big of a price to pay if they don’t have any guests coming (people these days like to invite as many guests as possible). If you don’t care about having a party, micro weddings are perfect for you!!!

Micro weddings are also perfect for people who are on tight budgets. For example, if you have very little money and want to go big with the wedding but can only afford a small amount, micro weddings might be a good option!

How much should I pay for my micro wedding?

Unlike regular-sized weddings, micro weddings do not need a budget because there aren’t any guests. Therefore mini weddings are usually much cheaper.

The costs can range from $100 to a couple of thousand dollars depending on what ceremony the bride and groom want. They cost more if you include elopement packages or micro honeymoons.

The price of your minimony will depend on what type it is and how much money you put into it. For tiny weddings, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Here are some tips for staying within your budget.

Cost of the ring: Micro weddings will usually cost less than $1,000 and that includes the rings! The average engagement ring costs anywhere from $500-$4,000 on average but micro weddings can get by with just a micro-sized amount of money for this important purchase.

Who is invited? No guests or very few guests at all may be invited to intimate weddings because it’s not needed for such a small event! This means that micro weddings can be free to no cost micro ceremonies all the way up to only close family members (your parents maybe?)

Cake: Mini desserts can be served as an alternative to wedding cake instead of paying for a full-size cake

Attire: Micro weddings don’t have strict dress codes because they’re usually very small events. Everyone will show up in whatever they feel comfortable wearing micro weddings allow people to wear everyday clothes like jeans, sweaters, skirts/dresses… etc

Check out this summer dress for a wedding guest that may work perfectly.

Invitations for a micro wedding

Intimate ceremonies may have no invitations because most popup wedding ceremonies take place out of state, making it unnecessary for formal invitations.

But, you can use informal invitations like emails, social media posts, etc. If you do want to send out formal traditional mailouts about your mini wedding, try ordering small postcards instead of large invitation cards!

Here are some tips for how to choose theme party invitations.


The Everything Guide to Micro Weddings: The Ultimate Source for Planning a Small and Meaningful Wedding

What do you wear to a mini wedding?

If you’re going in casual clothes, then wearing a full outfit will suffice micro wedding dresses don’t have to be micro-sized. You can use everyday clothes instead of special wedding attire.

Find out how to choose the perfect wedding makeup.

Micro wedding venue

Mini weddings can take place at a park, holiday home, restaurant, or in the bride and grooms’ backyard. This style of celebration may mean that only one guest will be invited to attend!!!

They are so small and often times very simple! There’s no need for over-the-top expenses or formalness at this kind of event because the focus is on the couple getting married and not their guests!

The way you put together your tiny wedding doesn’t have to have a specific theme either! You can host whatever type of event you want. You can go micro with no wedding theme if you so choose to!

Of course, you can also choose the wedding favors you like to make the celebration more unique.

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