Christmas Thrift Store Haul & How to Decorate on a Budget

Today, I am sharing with you a Christmas video. I shopped for Christmas at a thrift store. Here’s the thrift Christmas decor that I found. It cost twenty bucks – that was my budget for Christmas decor. I hit the budget. Literally. My bill was $20.32.

I hit up a local store in my town and they had fifty percent off everything in the store. I could not believe it. I wanted to decorate on a budget, but also have items that look really nice because I am hosting for Christmas this year.

I am going to dive in and share with you what I got today.

Charger plates

Charger plates

This was something that I got when Christmas shopping at the thrift store. It is a set of charger plates. I was really looking for these, so I was so excited that I found this. It regularly costs $14.95, and I got it at fifty percent off. I am super excited to have these and to decorate with these plates.

Christmas cardigan

Christmas cardigan

I was looking for a Christmas sweater cardigan, to look nice and cute for a Christmas party, to go out and about, or even to host. I found this really adorable little cardigan. I could not believe it. It’s from Anne Taylor, a brand I love. The cost was $6.95 and then fifty percent off. $3.50 for a sweater I can wear on Christmas and at parties.

Napkins and holders

Napkins and holders

I’m super excited to get these little napkin holders. The napkins I bought were also so pretty. These were four for $3.95 so basically, after the fifty percent discount, two dollars for four of them. I am going to decorate with these.

Decor balls and bulbs

Decor balls and bulbs

I got these really cute little red bulbs. They had a ton of them. Basically, they were ten for a dollar. I have a vase that has decor with balls and things like that inside it. I thought it would be cute to just put a few of these bulbs in the vase. 

And, I got these really pretty little white decor bulbs also. I think they were ten bulbs for a buck. I think they are so beautiful, with gold, silver, red, and all of that. 

Christmas earrings

Christmas earrings

Then, I was so blessed and was gifted really pretty, red earrings for free. I am really excited to wear these for Christmas, for holiday parties, or out and about to see Christmas lights.

Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

Lastly, I bought these ornaments for six dollars for 30. I thought this was so cute, with white, turquoise silver, and red. Maybe, I’ll use my Cricut to add stickers with the words “joy,” “hope,” “love,” “peace,” and then give them out as presents.

Getting the table ready

It is time to actually clean the table and get the decorating started. I am so excited. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am loving Christmas this year.

Wiping down the table

I am going to wipe down the table. This Myers product has a nice clean scent. I really like it.

Centerpiece for the table

The centerpiece

I’m going to dive in and start decorating the main centerpiece. So, I have this red cloth from Pier One. I thought this was really pretty. And then this little gold doily piece in the middle is so pretty. It is so simple. I have so many ways of decorating just with this small gold piece. I think I got this at Walmart for two bucks a year ago or something.

So, what I want to do is keep it simple, classy, classic looking, natural, and also include lots of red, which I like.

Decorating with pine cones

I love pinecones. They are so pretty. This is a fake pine cone circular, which will go right in the middle.

Vase for the table setting

I love this vase. It is a decor glassware that can be reused in so many ways, for so many holidays and table sets. I put different things in it for different holidays. I have these natural balls that are really pretty. And now I’m adding these pretty bulbs into here. They are really natural looking. I’m placing a few of the bulbs in here. I’ll also place a few around the vase. 

Setting the table for Christmas

The place setting 

So these fabric placemats, I got at Walmart two years ago. They have natural coloring, which is so nice. They were, I think, $1.99.

Charger plates

These are the charger plates I bought. I thought they were so beautiful.

Christmas plates

These are the actual plates. I love these. I got these through a coworker. We had a little cute Christmas haul exchange of decorations and things like that. I love the snowman. I think these are so cute, and I love their white, and natural coloring.

Coffee mugs

Then, I have these cute little coffee mugs. 

Here are the napkins that I got. I got four of these for two dollars. I cannot believe I got them for so cheap, and I love these little red napkin holders.

How to decorate on a budget

So, my grandma taught me what you want to do, in regards to using napkin holders. First, kind of like flip the napkin over, leaving a bit of tail, and then pull the napkin holder down so it’s kind of in the middle. It’s so pretty.

Christmas thrift store haul

I’m going to go ahead and put the rest of the table settings out. There we go. The Table is set, you guys. I don’t have silverware out, because I’m not hosting this minute. I love this table. It’s simple, natural-looking, with pops of red, and on a budget, you guys. It is going to be so beautiful when I have family and friends over during the Christmas season. It turned out wonderful. I love it.

Christmas thrift store haul

This is my Christmas haul of getting items to decorate on a budget. How do you decorate on a budget. Share your tips in the comments. 

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  • K-T K-T on Dec 24, 2022

    I didn’t watch the video bc there was too much talking & repeating before getting down to showing the decorations.