8 Candy-Themed DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts

Today, I'm joining five DIYers for a cause: raising money for the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando, Florida. We're going to make candy-themed Dollar Tree Christmas crafts and ornaments. Let’s get started!

Materials for the baby blanket ribbon candy ornaments

1. Baby blanket ribbon candy ornaments

I'm using baby blankets from Dollar Tree and wooden beads for this project. Cut the blankets into strips 1.5-2 inches wide. Ensure they're the same width so that when you put them together, you can see all the pretty colors. 

String the baby blankets onto a string

Take a long needle and string the pieces on. Add a bow to the top. Then, use baking twine at the top with some beads. 

Ribbon candy ornament

Cutting circles for the DIY lollipop ornament

2. Lollipop ornaments 

Next, I'm using Dollar Tree's pink foam board. When you use scissors, it crushes the edges, and it's not a nice cut. So I'm going to use my craft knife. Then, use some pink, blue, and white tubing from Dollar Tree. 

Gluing down tubing in a swirl pattern

Glue down the tubing in a swirl pattern.

Next, add a second color with white tubing. This gives the lollipop swirl effect.

Wrapping the lollipop in a cello bag

Take some cello bags. Turn it inside out and push the corners toward the back. 

Take a skewer, stick it into the lollipop, add hot glue to the skewer and the bottom of the circle, then slide it onto the straw. 

I added a bow made from scraps. Then, cut off the bottom of my skewer that's sticking out. 

DIY lollipop ornaments

These were fun and quick to make.

Materials for the gumball machine ornament

​​3. Gumball machine ornament

I'm using a mini pot, a clear ornament, and some filler I had from Easter to make a little gumball machine.

Placing filler in the empty ornament

Place some filler fill into the empty ornament. 

Supergluing beads to the jar lid

Superglue a square bead from Dollar Tree to the top of a caper jar lid.

Painting a mini pot pink

Paint the little mini pot and the lid using pink acrylic paint. 

Attaching ribbon to the top of an ornament

Attach ribbon to the top of the ornament and tie a little bow. 

Hot-gluing the ornament to the clay pot

Use some all-purpose cement and some hot glue to attach the ornament to the bottom of the clay pot. 

Placing the lid on top of the ornament

Place the lid on top of that.  

Cut off the tips of a Christmas floral stem and glue that under the bow.  

Feeding a wire ornament through the top bead

You can feed a wire ornament hook through that top bead to hang it.

Materials for the cotton candy ornament

4. Cotton candy ornament

Use skinny party hats and cut one of them down, making sure it fits into the other one. 

Stuff some batting into the bottom cone. 

Hot-gluing the cone

Hot glue the cone that was cut down, and place it into the bigger cone at the bottom, to form a cotton candy holder. 

Hot-gluing batting

Take some of the batting and wrap it around and hot glue it so that it resembles a big cotton candy. 

Add some ribbon, attach it with a chenille stem, and place a little glue on it to make sure everything stays in place on the back. 

Materials for a gumball ornament

5. Gumball ornament 

All you need is a clear gift basket bag instead of the cellophane and cut that down. 

Adding the wrap to the ornament

Use pretty pink ornaments, pull the tops off, and wrap the cellophane bag around, poking the top through the cellophane, and put the top back on.

Rolling the cellophane around the ball

Roll the cellophane around, cut it down, cinch it up on the sides, and use a little tie strap. 

Now you have a bubble gum or candy ball.

Candy Christmas craft

Making a hole at the top of the shot glasses

6. Gumdrop ornaments

For the next one, I'm going to use some clear plastic shot glasses from Dollar Tree. Use a glue gun and make a tiny little hole at the top. 

Hot-gluing the batting

Take some batting and wrap that around and hot glue it down to give softness. 

How to make pastel gumdrops

Use Dollar Tree's deco mesh in pink and blue to create pastel gumdrops.

Feeding baking twine through the gumdrops

Take a needle and feed baking twine up through the gumdrops. 

Knotting the twine

Feed that through and make little knots so that they dangle one above the other.

Use some more of that baking twine, feed it back down through that top hole, add a pretty bow and it's done.

DIY gumdrop ornament

Materials for the cake pop ornament

7. Cake pop ornament

Take some yarn and hot glue, then start wrapping a styrofoam ball all the way around. 

Once it’s completely covered, take some pink yarn from the Dollar Tree and wrap that into the grooves of the yarn.

Making the cake pop ornament

Do the same with the skewer, then put that straw on top. 

Cutting a cellophane bag

Cut open a cellophane bag. Use some spray adhesive from Dollar Tree, cover it with cellophane, add a bow, and cut the stick to size.  

DIY cake pop ornament

Another gorgeous ornament.

Materials for the dot candy ornament

8. Dot candy ornament

Cut some Dollar Tree cutting mats into 7.5x2.5-inch strips. 

Bending the cutting mat

I want this to have little lines in it like wavy paper. Take a heat gun, and bend it in places on alternating sides.

Once it's warm, you can bend it into curves, and it'll stay in place. 

Painting the cutting mat piece

Take some white chalk paint, and paint both sides. 

Placing puffy dots from Dollar Tree

Take some super glue and the puffy dots from Dollar Tree and arrange them in a pattern.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas crafts

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas crafts

I hope you enjoyed these DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decorations. They are all easy to make and adorable. They go perfectly with the candy theme of the charity Christmas tree we're putting together.

Do you have a themed Christmas tree? Share your theme in the comments below.

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  • Laura Beyer Laura Beyer on Dec 10, 2022

    I am saving the whole article. Our pastor's wife is expecting, and I know that many of those ideas would make great party favors for a baby shower

    Laura B.

  • Shannon Cantu Rzasa Shannon Cantu Rzasa on Dec 13, 2022

    Phenomenal and FUN! I am thinking of doing a candy land inspired tree next year and I'll want to craft the ornaments way ahead of time. Very creative, inexpensive, and cute ideas, thanks for sharing your creativity! Happy holidays