8 Festive Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs & Craft Projects

I’m sharing some easy Dollar Tree Christmas DIY craft projects for your home decor. My main piece is the tray. Then, I added other projects onto the tray to make a sparkly vignette. Let's get started!

Materials for the DIY Christmas tray

DIY Christmas tray

Sanding the sign

1. Prepare the sign and blocks

I sanded the sign so I could have a clean slate.

Painting the blocks white

Painting the blocks red

2. Paint the blocks

I put blocks on scrap contact paper to keep them from moving around. I painted half the blocks with Waverly white chalk paint and half with apple red. When the blocks are dry, pick them up and turn them upside down to paint the other side.

Painting the board white

3. Paint the board

Paint the back and front of the board white. 

Drawing candy cane stripes on the blocks

4. Make candy cane stripes

Use a ruler and a red marker to draw three straight lines on the white blocks. 

Attaching the printout

5. Mod Podge the printout

Use Mod Podge to attach your chosen printed-out sheet to the board.

Gluing blocks to the sign

6. Glue blocks

Use all-purpose cement and hot glue to glue the blocks to the sign’s edges so they stand vertically. You’ll alternate red and striped blocks. Go all around the sign. It takes 24 hours to dry.

DIY candy cane tray.

Here’s the final candy cane tray.

DIY Christmas candles

Materials for the DIY Christmas candles

I used a glass holder or fishbowl, tiny antlers, tiny ornaments, baker’s twine, a pre-lit candle, and trimmings.

Filling the glass with ornaments

1. Add ornaments

Fill the glass holder or fishbowl with ornaments.

Wrapping the candle with twine

2. Dress the candle

Wrap candle with twine. Then with the twine, tie on an antler and greenery (I took the greenery off of the “believe” pick).

Dollar Tree Christmas DIY

Finish the candle with a bow using the baker’s twine. Place the candle into the bowl and put it on your tray!

DIY Christmas glassware 

Dollar Tree window clings

1. Window clings

Pick up a bunch of window cling packages. 

Adhering the window clings to a glass

2. Adhere to the glass

Attach to glass vases. It’s a great project to do with little kids.

Decorating glassware with Christmas window clings

3. Decorate inside glass

Put a Dollar Tree Christmas bottle brush tree or candle into the glasses to complete the look.

DIY Noel vase set

Materials for the DIY Noel vase set

I’m using four Dollar Tree vases (these are square), a sheet of adhesive lettering, and greenery. 

Applying the letters to the vases

1. Apply letters

I spelled out NOEL using one letter in the middle of each vase. Adhere tightly to the glass because you don’t want paint getting under the edges.

Painting over the letters

2. Paint

Use white chalk paint to paint the glass and over each letter on all sides. Use a thin coat but do two coats.

Peeling the letters off

3. Peel the letters off

When the paint is totally dry, carefully peel off the letters to leave the glass showing.

Adding ribbon to the vases

4. Add ribbon

Attach a tiny ribbon to each glass vase.

Adding tealight candles

5. Add tealight candles

Put one small LED tealight candle inside each vase.

Adding greenery to the vases

6. Add greenery

Put some greenery in to complete the vase.

DIY Christmas vases

Dollar Tree Christmas crafts

Here’s the final result. It glows at night!

DIY Advent candles

DIY Advent candles

1. Assemble the tray 

I put purple and pink glass candle holders on a silver tray. I added matching votive candles to each holder. 

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decor

2. Swag

I made a little swag from Christmas greenery. I attached the greenery with a nylon tie.

Hot-glueing the greenery to the tray

3. Hot glue

I then hot-glued the greenery to the tray. Finish it off with a sparkly bird and bow to the rim of the tray. 

DIY Advent candles

The tray has symbolic purple holders and candles to be used to count down the four weeks of Advent.

DIY Advent wreath

Spray-painting a candy dish

1. Paint a candy dish

Spray paint a candy dish black or white.

Painting a wreath on the candy dish

2. Paint a wreath

Use green craft paint to paint on the wreath around the candy bowl. Add layers of light and dark green paint to create the wreath.  

Adding berries to the candy dish

3. Add berries

Paint some purple and pink berries around the wreath. I used a pencil eraser to make the painted dots.

Adding a snow effect to the dish

4. Add snow effect

I speckled some white paint around the candy dish for a snow effect.

Tying a bow around a candle

5. Add candle

Tie a pretty bow around a tall candle, plus a bit of twine so I can hang a number each of the four weeks.

Preparing numbers for the candles

6. Prepare numbers

Make a hole at the top of your numbers so you can string them onto the candle. Each week, I’ll change the number. You can use metal numbers since they are safest around a lit candle. 

Purple and pink candle craft for Christmas

I put purple and pink candles in the tray.

DIY winter wonderland scene

Materials for the DIY winter wonderland scene

Prepping the ornaments

1. Prep the ornaments

I used truck ornaments, took the wires off, and painted each with pink acrylic paint.

Prepping cups and ribbon spools

2. Prep cups

I put empty ribbon spools inside pink cups.

Painting the tops of the spools

3. Paint

Paint the tops of the spools with white paint.

Prepping the church ornaments

4. Prep ornament

I’m cutting little church ornaments to hot glue so they fit on the top of the cups.

Adding trimmings to the ornaments

5. Add trimmings

Hot glue mini bottle brush trees to the side of the church. Do the same with little mini snowmen painted pink. I decorated the other cup with a big and small tree, and a little truck I painted pink.

Adding details to the winterland scene

6. Details

I glued a tree onto the truck and speckled white paint on it for snow. I glued on some mini ornaments and tiny tree tips for a winterland look.

Tying twine around the cup

I tied some twine around the cup, all finished.

DIY star ornaments

Painting the DIY star ornaments

1. Prep the stars

Here are three star ornaments that I painted white with some metal peeking through.

Adding springs to the stars

2. Add sprigs

Glue down some sprigs into one point of each star so the greenery fits into the star’s outline. 

Attaching bows the stars

3. Attach bows to the stars

Add a bow to each star. Then use strong glue and adhesive, plus hot glue, to attach stars. Leave overnight to dry.

Painting the base white

Gluing the star to the base

4. Add base

I painted a box white for a base and glued the stars vertically onto the base. I wrapped a ribbon around the base.

Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs

How pretty and dramatic!

Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs

Do you countdown for Advent? Which DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decor project is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! below!

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Dec 23, 2022

    All so clever and cute. I have not seen purple or pink tall candles at my local dollar tree but will keep an eye open for next x-mas ( advent wreath candles).

    I am digging out my red striped bakers twine now to jazz up some plain white pillar candles.