Bathroom Organization Ideas & Deep Cleaning Hacks

by Simplify

Let’s go over some great bathroom organization ideas for spring cleaning your bathroom on a budget. Major bathroom cleanings can be a lot of work. Doing the task in organized and efficient ways will help make everything feel more manageable.

Start with a decluttering and cleaning of the space under the sink. Pull everything out and wipe down the inside. Use a cleaning caddy to store your cleaning products in one spot. This will make everything easy to find, use and take where you need.

Grimy faucets? Use vinegar and a toothbrush to get them nice and clean. Polish it off with baby oil. This will make any fixture shine like it’s brand new.

One-dollar disinfectant wipes are another handy cleaning product. They’re great for cleaning the outside of the toilet. Take a screwdriver and fold a wipe over it to help you get to all the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices around the toilet.

Disinfect your toilet bowl brush. After using it, wait for the brush to dry and pour some Pine-Sol to the bottom of the toilet brush holder.

Using vinegar to clean

You can clean your shower using a dish-cleaning wand. Fill it with vinegar and a couple of drops of dish soap. It’s great for cleaning the glass, tiles, and the floor of the shower. Wipe the glass off with a squeegee after to prevent water spots.

For bad set-in stains use some soft scrub. Just pour it onto the stain and use a scrub brush or sponge plus a bit of elbow grease. Then rinse it off, and it’ll look brand new again.

For the finishing touches, don’t forget to clean the cabinet faces. Wipe off any toothpaste or water spots. To elevate the space, add some simple décor like a nice basket for hand towels, or some pretty soaps.

Bathroom organization ideas

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