Bathroom Organization Ideas: How to Declutter & Deep Clean

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A bathroom doesn’t just have to be a functional space — it can be a beautiful space as well. Ever wonder how to keep your bathrooms functional and beautiful? LGQueen Home Decor shares how to deep clean a bathroom and bathroom organization ideas that can transform the space.

One tip to get started on bathroom decluttering is to think about who is using the space and how. For example, you can set aside a separate under-the-sink space for each partner to have their own area for storage. In addition, the items in a guest bathroom will differ from the items in the bathroom you share with your partner.

First, clean out under the sink and line it. Lining all your drawers and storage spaces keeps them clean and organized. You can also pick a color scheme for your storage area.

For example, LGQueen Home Decor used a blush color scheme for her area and an orange and blue color scheme for her husband’s area. That meant that, in her area, she chose blush-colored washcloths, wipes, and soap bottles where possible, so the finished product looked even neater and nicer.

The under-the-sink area is great for essentials that are too big to fit in smaller drawers. Plastic drawers and organizers and shelves are great for under the cabinet. Don’t forget to utilize the cabinet door as well with stick-on hanging bars and holders.

You can fill these items with color-themed washcloths, loofahs, microfiber clothes, brushes, Clorox wipes, trash bags, soap bars, shaving items, makeup removers, body wash, and self-care items.

How to organize a messy bathroom

A husband’s space may have other items like masculine shaving gear and body soap. Don’t forget to hang a towel on the bar inside the door, and use your Cricut to make fancy labels for all the storage bins.

For a guest bathroom, the goal is for items to be accessible and to make guests feel special. Neat labels can help your guests find what they need.

Make sure you include lots of extra toilet paper rolls, disinfecting wipes, air fresheners, and cleaning supplies. Including travel-sized bottles of soap and other essentials can help your guests when on the go.

Bathroom organization ideas

Bathroom decluttering and organization don’t have to be overwhelming. Everyone should have neat and accessible bathroom storage. What are your favorite bathroom organization ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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